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This page describes the operations you can perform on a user account from the Users Management page.

Change account status

The Users table allows you to change the status of a specific account with a simple click on any of the buttons below:

 Account is enabled

  Account is pending activation   
All local calls are allowed on this account
Only incoming call are allowed on this account
No calls are permitted on this account
 Account is disabled

The Global and Phone Account Status pop-up will be displayed listing the options available. For further information, read the Global and phone account status section.

Enable or disable web management interface access

This option refers to the user's permission to log in and use the VoipNow interface. Click the button below to enable/disable the web management interface access.

Not allowed

Impersonate a user

The Impersonate feature can only be used for enabled accounts with web management interface access.

This option allows administrators to impersonate a user account, offering them the possibility to view the interface from a user's perspective. While impersonating the user account, the administrator can do all the things the user would normally do on its extensions, i.e. modifying the permissions and limits.

When you impersonate a user, the application changes the skin to the one used by the chosen account, if different from the one you are currently using.

To impersonate a user:

  1. Select the user from the table.
  2. Access the Impersonate link under the page title.

To return to the normal view mode, simply click the Return to My Account link located in the right panel at the top of the page, next to the Help icon.

Search for an account

You can filter the existing accounts list using the name for a filter. Just enter the name of the account in the text box located above the table and click the Search button.

The system will remember the search criteria when a new search is performed and even after the user logs out.

Manage user groups

The Users table also displays the number of groups the user belongs to. You will find it in the Groups column. Next to this number, there is a Change link. Click on it, if you want to assign the user to a different Group.

The User Groups table will be displayed and, depending on your selection, will show:

  • All the groups defined for the organization account the user belongs to, no matter if the user is assigned to them or not
  • All the groups the user is assigned to
  • All the groups the user is not assigned to

If you are searching for a particular group, you can use one or more of the available filters:

Find groups <name> where <user_status>


  • <name>: Specify the name of the user group you are looking for.
  • <user_status>: Select which user groups to be displayed:
    • Does not matter: All the groups defined for the organization account will be displayed, no matter if it is assigned to them or not.
    • I am not member: Only the groups the user is not assigned to will be displayed.
    • I am member: Only the groups the user is assigned to will be displayed.

Click the Search link to display only the user groups that match your search criteria.

To assign the user to a different group, select the corresponding checkbox and then click the Assign groups link at the top right of the User Groups table. 

Remove account

To remove a user account:

  1. Select the account and click the Remove selected link to access the Removal Confirmation page.
  2. To finalize the removal, you have to review the list, select the Confirm removal checkbox, and click OK.

To return to the previous page without deleting the account, click Cancel.

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