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This page briefly describes the miscellaneous features that the phone can handle.


VoipNow gives you access to some basic system utilities with the help of the phone keypad:

  • help message
  • system test
  • phone services

Phone terminal keypad operations

Here are the operations available:

  • Listen to help message from provider with *000: To listen to a help message from your provider, dial *000 from your extension phone keypad.
  • Do an Echo test with *52: To test the extension’s connection with the server, dial *52 from your extension phone keypad. Everything you say in the phone speakers is replied back to you. This option is particularly useful if you want to test the latency of the connection to the VoipNow system.
  • Listen to date/time with *94: To find out the day and time of the VoipNow system, dial *94 from your extension phone keypad. Please note that this may not be your local time due to the differences in the time zone.

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