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This document contains all changes performed in VoipNow 3.0.5.

Before Upgrading

(warning) Due to significant changes performed in the repository structure, please note that upgrade can only be performed by following the Command Line Installer upgrade instructions.

Attempting to upgrade the system using the web management interface will fail.

Please note that you cannot upgrade to VoipNow 3.0.5 M4 if you are using CentOS 5.x. You must upgrade to the latest CentOS 6.x version.

Features Enhancement Resolved

VoipNow 3.0.5 M4 Release 140912

VoipNow Component



Support Zone Ticket ID

JIRA Ticket ID
Fixed regression that messed up the Contact header in SIP OK message. VNP-52500

Automation Component

No changes were made.

VoipNow 3.0.5 M3 Release 140908

VoipNow Component



Support Zone Ticket ID

JIRA Ticket ID
Provisioning facilities for proprietary clients. VNP-51944
Replaced MySQL with MariaDB version 10.0.13.-VNP-52269
Added Asterisk application Playtones.NGY-224236VNP-50978
Upgraded jQuery to version 1.6.3.-VNP-50467
Upgraded PHP to version 5.3.29.-VNP-52350
Added provisioning template for Linksys SPA122.-VNP-51190
Added provisioning template for Spectralink 8440.-VNP-50437
Improved autoreport script.-VNP-52386 VNP-52408 VNP-51740
Added option to set the port when creating a channel from SystemAPI.-VNP-50720
Fixed incorrect charging for concurrent calls to the same Free Minutes Pack.IKW-562011

VNP-51997 VNP-48677 VNP-52391

Fixed set option 'disposition' for SystemAPI CallReport request.-


Added better log messages in Kamailio for usrloc and presence.-VNP-49514
Fixed broken contact header sent by Kamailio toward caller in Public/Private setup.BNH-608233


Fixed incorrect Privacy Header.CIW-660512


Fixed some Kamailio leaks and add tracking for memory usage for individual transactions.


VNP-49921 VNP-50290

Set the default value for T38MaxBitRate in calls.IDG-871218 ABI-837471VNP-50402
Fixed sending credit warning emails to all Users.VUO-579810VNP-50416
Fixed adding local agents to a queue for organization with a large number of extensions.BYT-521621VNP-50462
Fixed IVR incorrect treatment of empty variable.OXX-344021VNP-50471
Fixed incorrect display of Cyrillic characters when adding user groups.WYH-412327VNP-50485
Improve performance when a large number of Destination Exceptions are used.-VNP-50486
Fixed creating full backup on CentOS6.EID-180006 XMQ-130106 YOA-225768VNP-50539
Fixed timezone display in Time Intervals.NEB-577735VNP-50589
Fixed fax autoanswer after 0 seconds.-VNP-50617
Set the callerId from the UAPI request if the extension has no callerId assigned.-


Fixed Intercom calls for users with multiple extensions.WRZ-774195 ROO-479462VNP-50707
Provisioning files with .html can now be downloaded.ZZH-471769VNP-50823
Correctly handle login/logoff for queue agents from web interface when using master-slave SQL setup.EXI-219097VNP-50897
Fixed hover over user name in Users page. VNP-51109
Fixed App Directory for clients and extensions with different lengths.LRW-935858 EQZ-404341


Correctly set the CallerID Name and Remote-Party-id that contain special characters for public calls.VKR-322683VNP-51545
Fixed possible PBX crash during remote calls.RZU-564253VNP-51734
Fixed possible PBX crash for attended refer transfers.AutoreportVNP-51757
Calls for users whose organization is disabled are now blocked.UGK-102183VNP-51789
Fixed date and recipient list for email to fax.MTB-994725VNP-51816
Fixed variable check for IVR option 'Jump to context'.YYL-105586VNP-51837
Correctly added extension on distributed setup.DTG-397947VNP-51893 VNP-52357
Fixed display of call duration for Unanswered Calls in Queue Reports.GetSatisfactionVNP-51916
Set Conference Center language according to Phone Language.-VNP-50903
Fixed check of Phone Terminal number when adding User Templates.LMH-971515VNP-52080
Set charset to UTF-8 in selected areas of web interface.MSU-307368VNP-52193
Fixed possible PBX crash for invalid blind transfer.AutoreportVNP-52216
Fixed login with OpenID.-


Calls made on disabled Calling Cards are now blocked.XJC-200323VNP-52294
Allowed hyphens in Call Events URL.TIZ-167737VNP-52308
Upgraded http supported content to IE 9.-VNP-52396
Fixed Queue Reports for 'Calls transferred with key'.-VNP-52410
Fixed error when adding the same extension on 2 devices.-VNP-52420
Fixed SIP trunking usage report.LIU-800466VNP-49508 VNP-51583
Fixed typo in voicemail settings.-VNP-52441
Fixed voicemail greeting message for calls from the Company Directory.-VNP-52442
Fixed caller name and number in fax receive notification email.UZG-129963VNP-50501

Automation Component



Support Zone Ticket ID

JIRA Ticket ID
Credit values are now shown in store.-


Fix currency approximation in invoice.KHO-524228VNA-15144

VoipNow 3.0.5 M2 Release 140526

VoipNow Component



Support Zone Ticket ID

JIRA Ticket ID
Several improvements to crash autoreport script.-VNP-50648 VNP-50693
Added res_curl module to Asterisk.GOU-164217VNP-50928
Updated logo to be in line with the 4PSA branding.-VNP-51563
Fixed "From" field for call recordings when dealing with Unified API calls.KDM-333200VNP-49855
Maximum call charge is no longer considered 0 when channel costs are improperly imported.DEX-184351


Doubled net_read_timeout and net_write_timeout for MySQL connections.-VNP-50198
Properly validates "Exit to operator on key press" to an extension.-VNP-50438
Removed ao2 logging that caused high loads on Queue> Agent call flows.

LLD-288365, ZOK-140808

EZL-567127, VNP-50440

VNP-50440 VNP-50592 VNP-51107
Fixed language load in CallNow pages.XSV-342677  VNP-50456
Fixed report issue that mixed up answered and initiated dates.KHS-309146VNP-50490
Changed admin server logging level to skip TLS negotiation messages.-VNP-50542

Fixed RemotePBX sending empty CallAPIID parameters.

BLD-423583, HAG-721550VNP-50553
Fixed double free leading to PBX crash.Autoreport

VNP-50565 VNP-50604 VNP-50625 VNP-50626

VNP-50631 VNP-50642 VNP-50646 VNP-50655

VNP-50663 VNP-50680

Properly displays the server time zone when no time zone is set for a time interval.NEB-577735VNP-50589

Fixed "forgot password" not working when software license is expired.

Voicemail no longer answers if the extension is an ICR transfer target.

CZB-305142 RHS-594670


Fixed race condition in PBX engine.

Autoreport, VTK-443117

Lowered SIP server default debug level to -1 to avoid unnecessary logs.-VNP-50629
Set dial timeout to VN_TIMEOUT for IVR transfers to local extensions.
Validated the number inputs to contain only ASCII characters.YWV-498040, JDE-598920VNP-50647
Fixed possible division by zero that could cause conference fail.



Fixed memory leaks in conference.

Changed active lines to 1 on Snom default provisioning templates.PGP-351097  VNP-50982
Fixed DID not being saved to CDR for calls transferred from IVR.HNA-931455VNP-51133
Fixed web management interface bug in calendar on Google Chrome browser. Now properly displays current year.FDC-662518, VXB-961749VNP-51256
Changed SIP server timer_debug log level to debug to avoid unnecessary logs.UJL-418653VNP-51516

Upstream AST-2014-002 security fix in PBX server.



Automation Component



Support Zone Ticket ID

JIRA Ticket ID
Fixed path to deployment plugins.-


Fixed plugin.TJJ-982678VNA-15128

Fixed generate_invoices high CPU usage.


Fixed PSIGate plugin not sending ZIP code and CVV2 for card payments.

Fixed deployment of destination exceptions with multiple rules using the same free minutes package instance.CUQ-560886, MUI-784402VNA-15136
Fixed file upload bug caused by cross domain confusion on Google Chrome.-VNA-15137

VoipNow 3.0.5 M1 Release 140131

VoipNow Component



Support Zone Ticket ID

JIRA Ticket ID
Upgraded PHP backend to version 5.3.28.-VNP-50493
Updated to support the "mysql" argument.
When executed such as mysql only MySQL will be installed.

Installation on latest versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 uses packages from native repositories.


Added configuration variable for maximum ringing time for calls to public telephony network. Default is 120 seconds.

Web management interface locale is no longer encrypted.GetSatisfaction


Fixed upgrade issue on VoipNow Cloud OnDemand.CUT-641792VNP-50536

Upgrade is fully completed on unattended mode.

Fixed issues with creating new accounts after adding OpenID.HDS-588545, XFF-141739VNP-50530

Automation Component

No changes were made.

VoipNow 3.0.5 Release 140121

VoipNow Component



Support Zone Ticket ID

JIRA Ticket ID
CalledDID is now returned by ListPhoneCalls and ListCDR UnifiedAPI methods.UOQ-722400VNP-49831
Automatically gather debug reports and send them to the vendor.-VNP-50237
Improved UnifiedAPI performance when dealing with the AMQP-based intercommunication layer. -


Reports in the web management interface have been updated to display more information.-VNP-49884
SIP servers strictly expire the extensions registered to them.-



Added extra logging for PBX intercommunication layer.-VNP-50001
Changed the format of the YUM repository and improved system installer.-VNP-50202

PBX coredumps are now produced in /var/lib/voipnow/core

Updated web stack components.-VNP-50315
Provisioning templates list can now be sorted by category.Get SatisfactionVNP-49882
Increased width of queue report graphs; labels are now entirely displayed. VNP-49829
Avoided excessive logging in PBX conferences upon writing to alert pipe error. -VNP-49231
Requests are redistributed on infrastructures with a single PBX.-VNP-49341

Fixed SystemAPI SetProvision method that allowed two extensions on the same IP.

Relevant error message is displayed when user attempts to call the SystemAPI GetAvailableCallerID method and "Extension features management" is not enabled.QCQ-769032VNP-49624
Re-factored the parsing of the directroute field as a JSON object.GEW-915566, FUA-311484, HBW-759606, NIV-845401, XEE-813163, VON-331799,SKP-329528VNP-49635
Fixed CDR service to display all legs of calls, ICR and transferred calls included.

Get Satisfaction

Fixed possible PBX crash when transfer rules for unanswered calls apply.WMY-652715 VED-587920VNP-49645
Fixed possible incorrect naming in voicemail greetings.NZP-537062VNP-49685
Call Events can now be added when URI contains a / trailing.-VNP-49687
UnifiedAPI allows URIs containing *-VNP-49689
Fixed inconsistencies in public phone number assignation.-VNP-49692

Call screening databases allow importing numbers from file, even for entries with the wrong file format.

Invalid entries are ignored; valid entries are successfully imported.


Fixed possible crash when dealing with an invalid Hubring res:inf:mng structure.

The number of the IVR option is now properly displayed in the main heading of the "Edit Actions for Option X" menu.PJH-704684VNP-49728
Already listened voicemail messages are now displayed.BMI-716215,UAE-352376VNP-49800
Call Flows page is no longer on loop when calls become inconsistent.CAA-996012 DFD-606706 IGI-334833 AFG-726783 AEN-714237 JIT-157354VNP-49818
Fixed several PBX memory leaks on outbound dial.-VNP-49886
Fixed SQL error in Call Reports page triggered by inconsistent state in Hubring.NLH-995588 UGN-652806VNP-49892
Fixed PBX memory leaks on conference.-


Fixed PBX memory leak on Intercom.-VNP-49911
Fixed PBX memory leaks on dialing Voicemail.-VNP-49915
Fixed potential issue in internal SQL pool implementation.-VNP-49923
Fixed PBX memory leaks on VMYSQL.-VNP-49931
Fixed file descriptor leak upon loading the SQL configuration.-VNP-49946
Fixed several unsafe usages of strcpy.-VNP-49948
Addressed use case in PBX when file to be played was missing.-VNP-49950

Addressed several minor issues in PBX resulted from static analysis.

Fixed PBX memory leak upon unparking a call.-VNP-49967
Fixed PBX memory leak in CallRecord App replicating in some cases, such as cascade transfer.-VNP-49969
Corrected phonecallViewId on UnifiedAPI update of calls (hangup, stop rec, start recording).-VNP-49975
Voicemail mailbox announcement is now fully played.Get SatisfactionVNP-49981
Fixed potential orphan channels issue in PBX due to whisper.-VNP-49993
VoipNow and CallNow can now be used simultaneously and in the same browser.-VNP-49996
Backported PBX security and critical fixes.-VNP-50010
Fixed mutex issue on internal UnifiedAPI engine.-VNP-50013

Added garbage collector in PBX to minimize the problem of reading and setting channel variables without locks.

Fixed several PBX issues in Park.-VNP-50027

Fixed remote agents login via UnifiedAPI.

Fixed the tool-tip message for the "Extension" table header displayed in the Public Phone Numbers menu.-VNP-50054
Fixed client status set by the synchubring tool.INC-192980VNP-50060
If UnifiedAPI MakeCall specifies a duplicate CallId, the call is not made and a failure response is returned.-VNP-50069
SystemAPI Ping method now returns the number of organizations, users and extensions under a Service Provider, when authenticated as a service provider.-VNP-50079
Fixed multiple issues in Amazon S3 support.-


Fixed PBX memory leak in NEWRAND dialplan function.-VNP-50107
Fixed PBX memory leak in UnifiedAPI engine.-VNP-50108
Fixed possible SIP Server crash triggered by Option sent to an expired extension.-VNP-50131

Fixed PBX race condition in UnifiedAPI engine that led to memory corruption.

Fixed distribution issue involving faxes. A single PBX is selected, based on callee and PBX load.SHN-989719VNP-50133
Fixed the "Ring members in the adding order" call distribution algorithm.YGX-599389VNP-50134

Fixed PBX refcount problem in UnifiedAPI engine.

Default UDP port for PBX roles is now set to 5050 in the interface.-VNP-50147
Fixed PBX possible dead-lock during load testing.-VNP-50150
The Queue Report now displays correctly the number of 'Calls ended while customer was in queue and all agents logged out' both in the Overview and the Unanswered Calls sections.-VNP-50153

Properly handled exception in SIP Server ping_finished, if no extension found.

Fixed bug in SystemAPI DelChannel operation.VLZ-778339VNP-50157
Extensions created based on a template can now have their CallerID numbers changed.LTT-309677VNP-50159
Corrected the location in database where exit_to_extension is fetched from.KFV-952092VNP-50160

Phone calls are correctly represented in UnifiedAPI for PBX callback.

Fixed possible PBX crash during remote calls.-VNP-50164
Extensions with invalid number length can no longer be added from the Add User menu.SQR-673880VNP-50169
Fixed a license renewal issue.
NLE-608988, AGL-290812
Fixed possible PBX issue when parked calls might be lost.-VNP-50171

Fixed validation logic for direct routing networks

All tags are now replaced in both the subject and the body of the notification email for fax.CMY-276786VNP-50181
Fixed security issue with CallReport SystemAPI method.



Fixed calls being rejected with "Not enough credit" message even though the phone had sufficient credit.PRS-563478, OCQ-182264, SMX-109925, TXG-648829,
USY-525253, JHG-165820, MYX-939906, AGK-273964, YUD-702051,
WVR-343407, CIX-365557, RNP-771643,CRS-350332
Fixed race condition in parking that could cause PBX to crash when unparking by position, while the parked channel was closed due to RTP timeout.-VNP-50206

Fixed PBX issue with UnifiedAPI engine that could have caused memory leaks in Fax calls and UnifiedAPI MakeCall requests.

Removed all Perl dependencies, diagnostic extension rewritten in Lua.-VNP-50215

Fixed memory leak in sqlpool when a connection could not have been established.

Fixed configuration of distributed database when a SIP node was added.-VNP-50250
Fixed peers field not being computed in PBX UnifiedAPI engine for Parking and Incoming call rules.-VNP-50251
Guard some ser_locatiton fail logs for null values in SIP Server.-VNP-50255

The phone number where the fax was sent is shown in the fax approval page after the fax was scheduled for sending.


Fixed timer issue in SIP Server.


Fixed PBX UnifiedAPI engine issue with remote pickup.

Fixed shared memory leak that could make SIP Server crash.IKM-841982VNP-50227
Added label for call flows when the call is made using Incoming Call Rules.-VNP-50298
Fixed internal issue in call charging when unparking a call previously transferred.-
UnifiedAPI now shows "On hold" status for both holder and party put on hold.-VNP-50322

Remote queue agents with the same ID can now be created on different organizations.

On delete the correct agent is removed.

"Account expire" is required when creating an account from Command Line utils.-VNP-50334
Fixed active monitoring SIP script.-VNP-50335
EditCallRulesIn SystemAPI method now properly updates an incoming call rule even if the status parameter is not provided.


Fixed transfer of calls when the UnifiedAPI call is performed from a user account.ESC-979505VNP-49681

The Voicemail Caller ID is now being played.

Fixed inconsistencies with charging credits and the amount available at the beginning of a new month.VUD-299383


Set 14400 as the T38MaxBitRate if the peer does not specify it.IDG-871218  VNP-50402
Fixed potential issue with callback extensions being able to place calls without credit.-VNP-49890

Automation Component

No changes were made.
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