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This document contains all changes performed in the VoipNow 4.1.1 version.

Important Notes

Deprecating Notice

Please read VoipNow Deprecating Notice before going further.

Limited Release Notes

The current release notes contain only the changes that in our opinion might affect existing VoipNow customers.

Features Enhancement Resolved

VoipNow 4.1.1 Release 161229

VoipNow Component

TypeDetailsSupport Zone Ticket IDJIRA Ticket ID

Fixed compatibility with CentOS Linux 7.3-VNP-59094

To minimize decoding time, prompts and music on hold are no longer converted to mp3.-VNP-59124

Fixed ICR call transfer to disabled extension. -VNP-59062

Fixed 302 Moved Temporarily on calls to/from public telephony network.HDO-122789VNP-59092

Fixed DID processing with NAT.-VNP-59123

Upgraded PHPMailer library (addressing CVE-2016-10033).-VNP-59170

Automation Component

No changes were made.

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