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This document contains all the changes performed in the VoipNow 5.2.5.

Important Notes

Deprecating Notice

Please read VoipNow Deprecating Notice before going further.

Before Upgrade

MySQL and Elasticsearch database

The new version contains significant MySQL and Elasticsearch database optimizations. Unfortunately, due to these improvements, a reindex is necessary, which might take hours on large databases. However, we made available a script that updates the databases prior to the actual VoipNow 5.2.5 upgrade, without downtime.

So, it's highly recommended to download this script:

and run it on the Infrastructure Controller overnight or when the database is not heavily utilized.

System functionality will not be impacted while the script is running. Once the script has completed, you can proceed with VoipNow installation.

Once the Elasticsearch upgrade has started, calls will no longer be indexed in Elasticsearch (they will still be normally indexed in MySQL). After upgrading to VoipNow 5, call indexing to Elasticsearch will be resumed. Therefore, we recommend planning the database upgrade close to the actual upgrade to VoipNow 5.

Hubring database

If you are running a distributed setup with more than one Hubring node, please open an upgrade assistance ticket in 4PSA Help Desk.


In order to install or upgrade to VoipNow 5.2.5, please use the installer from:

This script can upgrade VoipNow 3.5 and newer versions. If you want to upgrade an older version, upgrade to VoipNow 4.1.3 first.

Limited Release Notes

The current release notes contain only the changes that in our opinion might affect existing VoipNow customers.

Features Enhancement Resolved

VoipNow 5.2.5 M7 Release 190723

VoipNow Component

TypeDetailsSupport Zone IDJIRA Ticket ID

Hardened access to web management interface -VNP-63500

VoipNow 5.2.5 M6 Release 190717

VoipNow Component

TypeDetailsSupport Zone IDJIRA Ticket ID

Fixed critical security vulnerability- VNP-63464

VoipNow 5.2.5 M5 Release 180714

VoipNow Component

TypeDetailsSupport Zone IDJIRA Ticket ID

New provisioning templates for Snom phones, models: D785, D765, D715, D120. -VNP-62013 VNP-61635

New provisioning templates for Yealink phones, models: SIP-T41S SIP-T42S SIP-T46SSIP-T48S-VNP-61205

New provisioning templates for Fanvil phones, models: C600 C400 X2 PA2 X3s X4 X5s X6-VNP-61324

New provisioning templates for Htek phones, models: UC924P, UC902.-VNP-60874

Added lockIP to GetSipPreferences UnifiedAPI method response.MLO-111357VNP-61879

Added search DID on channel by extension..VNP-61623

No longer allowing external callers to transfer callsVEF-365686 VNP-61824

Fixed possible call loop due to a faulty upgrade.NWV-185287VNP-61937

PBX will reload logic IP when this is changed in web management interface.-VNP-62011

Fixed call options inheritance for external incoming calls.-VNP-61963

Fixed missed notifications for calls answered elsewhere.WJD-449209VNP-62052 HG-17523

Setting nat_uri auto-expire according to "Maximum call duration".GUM-937521VNP-62109 VNP-61973

X-voipnow-pbx header is now added for intercom call to single extension/group.RNH-499158VNP-61782

Fixed X-voipnow-did header when a call is transferred with an ICR set on an IVR extensionXOM-699344VNP-61621

Voicemail is no longer breaking ICR by auto-answering. KQG-216343VNP-61575 VNP-61674

Send video attribute a=send/recv in SIP signaling on secondary leg when it is missing from primary leg invite.LZC-735236VNP-62126

Fixed unpause/logout queue agent operation from VoipNow interface.KFQ-701394VNP-61989

Fixed possible inconsistencies in configuration when SIP nodes were added/removed.-VNP-61960 VNP-61979

Reset hangupcause on channel on each retry to prevent possible PBX call loop.WPQ-955024VNP-61925

Enable the SQL events scheduler on master, should be disabled manually on slave nodes.NWX-212856VNP-62064

Fixed several upgrade issues caused by wrong RPM dependencies.-VNP-61956

Fixed several memory leaks in PBX.NZO-475382VNP-61936

Added role based check in srvmonitor.RDB-403681VNP-61594

Added regenerate_security script to regenerate the passwords, certificates and tokens for cloud based images.-HG-16557

Fixed queue Hangup Call Event not being sent when caller cancels.


Fixed possible cause for 500 server error on UnifiedAPI call hangup.KGP-366233VNP-61939

Fixed SIP server possible crash when interacting with messaging core.AutoreportVNP-61665

Fixed subscriber process registration to internal messaging infrastructure .TTN-540545VNP-61998

Fixed possible DataChannel process crash while disconnecting a peer.AutoreportVNP-61470

Fixed calling two mobile devices registered with the same user.-VNP-61117

FIxed parsing multiple Allow headers in PBX server.NAA-953378VNP-61953

Fixed channel username and password validation, "-" character is now allowed.XKP-929707VNP-61908

Fixed adding extension to company directory. -VNP-61835

Fixed apps permissions being changed on editing.-VNP-61513

Fixed UnifiedAPI make call with specific phone numbers. ITI-634851VNP-61620

Fixed adding new values in Charging Limits section.SFE-368404VNP-62027

Fixed allow / do not allow on ICR setup.LPC-848722 CMD-942857


Fixed SIP server issue with INVITE that contains no port and DNS SRV resolve fails.-VNP-61955

Fixed token generation for apps added by organization in its context.-VNP-61521

Fixed initialization of POSIX storage system.-VNP-61499

Fixed channel name for local calls in Call Report export file.JLC-119337VNP-61823

Increased concurrent calls on a channel to 9999 maximum value.XJI-233904VNP-61873

Fixed recaptcha check on new Hubgets visitor.SQE-517751HG-18975

Fixed unhandled error in Hubgets interface when responded with 401.-HG-16191

VoipNow 5.2.5 M4 Release 180406

VoipNow Component

TypeDetailsSupport Zone IDJIRA Ticket ID

Third-party open source package upgrades.--

Avoided possible PBX crash in pickup when multiple PBX are available.



Avoided possible PBX crash when trying to load NULL proxies. AutoreportVNP-61511

Added double check for non-phone extensions register (issue occurred due to manual manipulation of the database).-VNP-61603

Fixed charging plan caching issue that might have caused charging plans to be evicted from cache.-VNP-61605

Fixed making agent unavailable if he logged back in after logging out in the exact moment he received a call.


Fixed queue agent unpause logging.-VNP-61679

Fixed SIP trunking licensing on Hubgets subscriptions.


Avoided possible PBX crash by safely unreferrencing a session timer.AutoreportVNP-61627

Fixed DNS resolver in glibc resolv when pthread_create returned EAGAIN.AutoreportVNP-61491

Avoided possible PBX crash by returning NULL frame if tech_pvt was already destroyed. AutoreportVNP-61410

Avoided possible PBX crash when parsing DID which contained ! character.AutoreportVNP-61616

Avoided possible issues with malformed OPUS codec frame. AutoreportVNP-61072

Fixed multiple issues in ICR add/update. -HG-17351 VNP-61433 VNP-61430

Fixed ICR rule transfer to voicemail if extension number contains more than 3 digits.CKW-859334VNP-61381

Fixed SIP contact not being saved even if the registration was successful.HWK-187518VNP-61194

Fixed possible PBX deadlock caused by a pickup using Replaces header.XFI-591964VNP-61689

Added warning for multiple accounts with the same username.ZSE-628530VNP-61618

Fixed IPv6 validation.-HG-18269

Fixed validation of assigned voicemail extension when displaying ICR rules.EEH-754455 VNP-61099

Fixed SystemAPI-related operations. -VNP-61429

Fixed possible stack corruption in PBX.AutoreportVNP-61757

Fix unpause/logout queue from VoipNow interface.KFQ-701394VNP-62011

VoipNow 5.2.5 M3 Release 171223

VoipNow Component

TypeDetailsSupport Zone IDJIRA Ticket ID

Improved performance for Unified API requests.VLA-931945VNP-61075 HG-16777

Added weekly cleanup worker that removes organizations marked for delete.XXI-439264VNP-61240 VNP-61335

Added PBX_MAXCALL variable for the maximum number of calls in PBX. Default value is 3000.-VNP-61256

Improved database performance in PBX.

Allowed "+" in public callerID Numbers.-VNP-61294

Changed to ECDSA self-signed default certificate for PBX and HTTP. Only for new installations.-VNP-61307

Service Provider's added apps appear in catalog only for the users that belong to the provider's organizations.


Fixed possible crash in SIPServer caused by slow database connections.

HWK-187518VNP-61200 VNP-61201 VNP-61175

Added timeout checks for all database reads and t reated all reconnect errors as disconnect.AutoreportedVNP-61204

Fixed update of Hubgets board avatar.-HG-16272

Fixed Hubgets Bot avatar and URI.-HG-16474

Updates to "Phone does not register, is located on IP" are now sync by SIPServer.-VNP-61207 HG-16637 VNP-61272

Fixed possible issue with multireply read from database after reconnect.AutoreportedHG-16670 VNP-61215 VNP-61186 VNP-61187 VNP-61220 VNP-61231 VNP-61215

Fixed internal messaging bus settings for PBX when listening to

Accepting RTP source change when SRTP is enabled.-VNP-61267

Avoided posible PBX crash when an empty SIP URI is passed.-VNP-61216

Let PBX connect to SIPServer if there is no connection and re try TCP connect when connection is dropped.CQT-823284VNP-61172

Improved coredump naming in automated crash reporter.AutoreportedVNP-61197

Fixed web management interface fatal error in Queue agent reporting.-VNP-61047

Taking into account the expire values received in 200 OK for outgoing registration.XPS-962312VNP-61268

Limited the number of registrations processed per extension in SIPServer.AutoreportedVNP-61215

Fixed extension state management when an extension becomes unreachable.-VNP-61221

Avoided possible PBX crash in case we have ICE without DTLS. AutoreportedVNP-61144

Force 2xx reply retransmission regardless of transport.-VNP-61122

Fixed several issues in infrastructure utility script



Fixed the limit and used disk space displayed in Report pages.URL-562608VNP-61296

Fixed traps in coredump reporting.HWK-187518VNP-61176

Extension/channel IPs can no longer be set to the infrastructure IPs.IEA-620494VNP-61184

Increased OAuth token maximum lifetime to 30 days in mobile and refresh token flows.-HG-16689

Increased the limits for SIPServer slab allocator in order to support more extensions.TMF-578750VNP-61222

Added support for view="user" in Call Interactive. -VNP-60598

Auto-generated serial when a provisioning device is added.-VNP-61158

Fixed encryption in case callee was prefixed with 44*IDB-540109VNP-61288

Fixed severeal issues in elasticsearch-schema update.ZSE-628530VNP-61173 VNP-61183

Fixed phone call language on transfer.RLI-443754VNP-61349

Avoided possible PBX lock.-VNP-61162

Dialed numbers are now fully displayed in reports for active calls on organization level.CGJ-976684 ZJG-243676 IOQ-811462 EEP-994471 WRE-555862VNP-57162

Fixed possible RTP connections leak in PBX.ZOI-667862


VoipNow 5.2.5 M2 Release 171102

VoipNow Component

TypeDetailsSupport Zone IDJIRA Ticket ID

Critical security issues fixed (MySQL injection).


VoipNow 5.2.5 M1 Release 171021

VoipNow Component

TypeDetailsSupport Zone IDJIRA Ticket ID

Removed redundant name column from sound_language SQL table.-VNP-60620

Improved Elasticsearch upgrade mechanism by consolidating incremental upgrades.-VNP-58872

The database upgrade script now also handles Elasticsearch upgrade.

Several fixes in Elasticsearch data upgrade.-

HG-16110 HG-16083 HG-16118

Fixed Hubgets board permissions for upgraded organizations.


No email notifications are created for users that have not signed in to Hubgets.-


Fixed warning on PBX manager module reload.-VNP-60998

Changed fresh install automation cloud version to 5.2.5.-VNP-61004

Fixed mobile push notifications HTTP2 agent handling.-HG-16078

Fixed node module reconnect to slave SQL server.-HG-15993

Integrated AST-2017-006 (no security impact on VoipNow).-VNP-60988

Send VIDEO UPDATE when disabling video if peer is sending VIDEO to us.-HG-16107

Fixed DataChannel messaging layer internal reconnection.-VNP-60989

Fixed worker user inconsistencies on fresh install.-VNP-61021

Show applications and developer assets in Hubgets.-HG-16119

Backup firewall configuration before applying firewall.--

Removed OpenSSL warning in database upgrade script.--

VoipNow 5.2.5 Release 171009

VoipNow Component

TypeDetailsSupport Zone IDJIRA Ticket ID

VoipNow is now fully integrated with Hubgets, delivering a full communication and collaboration experience for businesses.-


Added DataChannel, a real time messaging layer for users, apps and bots. Removed Ejabberd layer and XMPP protocol.--

Added high priority, out of band messaging for phone call push notifications to mobile providers (iOS, Android).

-HG-8693 HG-9677

Added Request Audit log. This allows administrators to monitor and audit changes made to system configuration in web management interface. -

VNP-60164 HG-10655

Added call leg grouping in Call Reports. This makes it easier for end users to understand call history.AKG-998083 DFO-968375

VNP-59491 VNP-60065

Added new option in Incoming call rules to transfer a call to the voicemail of another extension.-

VNP-57569 VNP-58497

Added integration with Google Login. -HG-10290 HG-10696

Added multiple service domains with support for unique username per domain.-HG-4475

Added subscription templates - a faster and easier way to create and manage accounts. Unlike legacy templates, when a subscription is changed, all plans in the subscription are automatically updated.-VNP-58366 VNP-58375

Added support for resource auto-delete policies in subscriptions.

Added provisioning for Cisco SPA525G.-


Added provisioning for Polycom Soundpoint 321/331 firmware 4.1.-VNP-58064

Added support for calling all phone extensions of a (43*).--

Many web management interface improvements.--

Added support for HTML email templates. These are used on voicemail and fax UDF-151790VNP-58587

Improved crypto speed with AES-NI support. VoipNow will no longer run on old computing platforms.

For a list of supported CPUs, check Intel's website.

Added system firewall management.--

SIP over WebRTC is proxied through HTTP server. Can be also used with cloud proxy providers like Cloudflare.--

Improved device provisioning so that an extension can be assigned to multiple devices.PYY-763787VNP-58027

Added queue supervisor capability to monitor outgoing calls (outbound call center).--

Added callerIdDestination parameter to UnifiedAPI phoneCalls service. This ID is displayed on the destination phone.


Added new columns to Call Reports: Full name, Last Name, First Name, Company Name.--

Added new filters in Call Reports: Queue supervising and Call supervising.

Added HTTP server name configurable in local.conf.--

Upgraded PHP to version 7 branch. Major performance gains.--

Added a new internal messaging layer - Hammer. Removed Celery as it's used for task distribution too.-VNP-59981 HG-7237 HG-11390 HG-13564
HG-13565 HG-13684

Added automated index upgrade for Elasticsearch.--

Simplified storage management by unifying user storage options. Former settings for voicemail messages, call recordings, sound files, music on hold, fax files are now consolidated into a single setting - M aximum Storage.


OpenID is obsolete. Support was removed.--

Improved the speed of call reports on servers with large databases.-


Internal PBX SIP nodes communication was changed from UDP to TCP, which makes it more reliable.MBF-806335VNP-60042

Added warnings and improved Hubring distributed database behavior in case of low memory.GSR-171319 QPH-831267VNP-59159

Improved SIP server call distribution.-VNP-57664

Added new language packs: English (Australian), English (Great Britain) and Swedish.-


Logo upload now supports BMP image file format.


Fixed Unpark issue for calls that passed through the Cascade rule.



Channel name limit has been increased to 64 characters.-


GetOrganizations SystemAPI method returns Company Name.DXH-402582 PDP-845158

VNP-57855 VNP-59840

Improved interface description for Caller Behavior on Queue exit.



Improved field descriptions in Organization Templates.-


Improved descriptions in License Management area.-


Improved the speed of regular expressions.-HG-9408 HG-10016

Improved resource removal. Now it's offloaded to workers.-HG-10818

Added option to configure 000 as a forbidden extensionUCJ-610100


Improved SELinux management, rules and policies.-VNP-59332 VNP-59456

Improved charging system for calls in progress during month change.-VNP-59412

Upgraded Node.js to version 6.11.4.--

Upgraded MySQL backup script XtraBackup to version 2.3.3 .-VNP-56961

Added system for upgrading MySQL time zone information.-VNP-58791

Several web management interface improvements on pop-up panels.



Multiple installer improvements.



Multiple SIP Server configuration improvements.-VNP-57820 VNP-59068

Company directory can now be set independently of voicemail.



Increased default PHP memory limits.SCA-612574VNP-57656

Updated queue extension recording format to MP3.IIZ-675149VNP-57246

Multiple fixes and improvements in webRTC support. Compatibility with Microsoft Edge browser.-VNP-57207 VNP-58612 VNP-56679 VNP-58344

Added confirmation message on successful account edit operation.-VNP-56944

DND message is now played when there is only one active peer in the ICR number list and the peer has DND active. JWO-190117VNP-57856

Email notifications for charging limits are now sent only for enabled accounts.


Improved messages in charging email notifications for limit warning/exceeded.KTK-508051VNP-57502

Notifications for account creation are now sent on Organization level as well.IHP-805630VNP-57225

Dashes ("-") are now allowed in names of phone provisioning files.


Music on hold is no longer played on cascaded calls.

QXX-193606 UBZ-496750


Improved PHP scalability on machines with many cores and lots of workers.CCX-271746VNP-56932

Improved performance on SIP Server handling MWI forced subscriptions.PEO-151541VNP-56638

Updated GeoIP library.-VNP-60409

UnifiedAPI requests are now routed through Hammer advanced message distribution. Removed RabbitMQ.

-HG-13851 HG-14527

Added database upgrade script to be run prior to upgrade.-HG-12524

Improved user device storage for faster lookup.-HG-12442 HG-12443

Improved accounts table search.-VNP-60414

Display company name instead of first/last name in several areas:

  • Accounts tables and navigation breadcrumbs
  • Public Phone management area.



Added Call Supervising to call history.-VNP-60127

Removed useless fields "Device" and "Assigned public phone number(s)" listed in the "Extension Overview" section for extensions that are not Phone Terminal-VNP-56931

Downloaded files for faxes, voicemail, recording are named <extension_number><id_of resource><date>.<file_extension>-HG-11843

Improved data distribution for distributed database. If you have an infrastructure with several distributed database nodes you need to run a data re-partitioning script.-HG-14856

Fixed the target for a transferred call from IVR to trunk.JQZ-763694


Fixed CallerID when trunk calls local DID.LZA-472965VNP-58023

Fixed assign phone number to dynamic remote agent with API.MCL-438223


Fixed voicemail exit to operator on key press after recording is started.GJQ-641018


Fixed sending organization creation notifications.IHP-805630VNP-57225

Fixed 'from' field content on queue extension recording list.SMC-179646


Removed the reason for CANCEL if caller abandoned the call.OJF-314486 HNB-223294


Fixed generating provisioning file via SystemAPI.TXU-229709


Fixed NASXI rules to be able to edit Automation email templates. UWL-291163


Fixed the public CallerID setting for extended local calls.RDV-853674VNP-59743

Fixed custom sound issue that occurred when disabling/enabling the DND feature.



Display warning message only when changes are made for IVR extension.BAR-772287


Fixed CallerID set for a transferred call to a public destination using REFER.-


Fixed "Scheduled for sending" state for faxes sent from web interface.UPV-847120

VNP-58408 VNP-59902

Fixed header sent in BYE requests for SIP trunking extensions.



Older voicemail greetings are now removed when new ones are recorded over the phone.VSJ-906231


Fixed CallID sent in NOTIFY request for BLF. AFU-805017


Fixed several areas displaying only the "Last name" of the account owner.

REO-774399 UII-850228 CCA-498169 MSL-182581 VDV-195993 CYQ-414378

VNP-56694 VNP-57208 VNP-57914 VNP-60023

Fixed "Anonymous CallerID" in initialization step for UnifiedAPI SimpleCall.SDP-269616


Fixed "To" column in Call Reports area on User and Organization level.WSY-823242 BTV-396141 XBJ-972787 BXY-304340

VNP-57617 VNP-59259 VNP-59993

Fixed S3 region guess algorithm to provide support for unknown regions.-


Removed duplicate Message-ID header in notification emails.-


Fixed CAPTCHA code generation on CallNow page.QRA-883814


Fixed exit to queue operator while playing welcome sound.-


Run only the necessary updates for qmember_logout and qmember_unpause operations and fix transition from 'loggedoff' status to unpause operation.WCV-618776 OEX-727607

VNP-59860 VNP-60154

Changed label name on Forbidden Extensions page.-


Fixed the API trigger for extension creation email notification when Edit Extension.JUX-755580


Fixed issue with the length of infrastructure parameter in misc table.GQJ-691360VNP-60225

Fixed sending extension creation notifications to additional email address set on User level. XQO-446910


Fixed changing password for login aliases.XRG-378018


Avoided possible PBX crash caused by race in closing channels.JXW-431165


Permit REFER only if referred-by is in transfer_context.XJC-579047VNP-59672

Fixed error on UnifiedAPI agents management requests caused by SQL deadlock.AMA-870726 PSF-602963VNP-58676

Fixed PIKE L1 issues. SIP Server now replies with "603 Denied" to requests failing the PIKE checks.



Fixed possible deadlock in PBX conference app.EAT-149908VNP-58878

Fixed CallerID in call history for external outgoing calls.SGP-292741VNP-58821

Exported Call Reports now contain called DID on all account levels.SGP-292741VNP-58551

Fixed SIP trunking issues when SIP forking is used.WPN-728752VNP-58489

Fixed handling of subsequent requests when using custom ports for SIP Server.-VNP-58452

Fixed fax no longer being sent when user email address is missing.UPV-847120 VNP-58408

Fixed ICE status report inconsistency between web management interface and PBX.-VNP-58406

Fixed temporary files getting deleted when voicemail notification email compose fails.



Fixed extension codec list when codec is removed from global settings.VCW-743754VNP-58199

Fixed logged queue event when all members are busy . Event is now EXITWITHFULL.


Infrastructure management message is now displayed only to admin accounts.


Fixed browse button status when editing music on hold.-VNP-58160

Fixed SetQueueRemoteAgent not refreshing agent registration method when updating penalty.



Fixed MySQL partitioning for large SQL tables.


Fixed several issues in call statistics that prevented graphs from being displayed.



Fixed sort fields in Organization/Service Provider management page.-VNP-57781

Fixed start/end issues in account call cost report with new date formats: 'Y-m-01 00:00:00' (firstDayOfMonth) and 'Y-m-d 23:59:59' (lastDayOfMonth).OFQ-675038VNP-57714

Fixed display issue for organization management page title when disabling control panel access.


Fixed several issues in init scripts and made them LSB compliant.-VNP-57673 VNP-57990

Fixed folder exclusion mechanism in vnbackup for full backups.



Fixed "To" column in Call Reports on Organization level account, when queue calls are distributed to remote agents.WSY-823242VNP-57617

Fixed SQL in provisioning file generation when no provisioning templates are available.-VNP-57571

Fixed voicemail greeting message for busy extensions.CWS-960329VNP-57504

Fixed time-zone reset for agent events when changing number of entries in the Queue Agents page.



Fixed OAuth authorization flow when code request is made using POST.QKT-722491VNP-57407

Fixed "Last Name" issues in SystemAPI edit accounts methods.JZL-897007VNP-57341

Fixed <!PRO_PATH!> variable to contain /id/ in generated provisioning files.CAV-395662VNP-57308

Fixed SIP Server crash in a presence subscription race.AutoreportVNP-57304

Fixed retrieve for PBX role exposure in SIP Server load balancer module.-VNP-57289

Non-REGISTER requests coming from a fixed IP extension with invalid DIDs and no authentication headers are now rejected.


VNP-57250 VNP-60443

Fixed SIP Server load balancer issue that caused non-optimal balancing in multi-PBX deployments.


Fixed OS detection error in

Fixed counting of agent dump calls in all Queue Reports.

ZPC-272150 LYS-233498


Ping is now sent to all forked contacts registered on a single extension.PIW-696528 QVM-979568VNP-56888

Fixed network validation for "Allow extension SIP connection only from IP".PZR-448331VNP-56868

Fixed AssignQueueRemoteAgent to add phone number when a remote agent is assigned via API.



Fixed name-related issue in Top Telephony Users statistics.PUQ-526498VNP-56817

Fixed call statistics to include records from the past years.LBV-480849VNP-56800

Disabled SQL partitioning events on slaves to prevent issues with MySQL replication.-VNP-56790

Fixed automated account suspension (expire).JJI-828249 RHK-987732 JVA-702926VNP-56788

Fixed phone language in PBX conference app.-VNP-56738

Fixed PBX server race condition.


Fixed possible SIP server crash during shutdown procedure.



Replaced Contact header for INVITE replies towards PBX when using channels that register.-VNP-56946

Fixed SIP Server crash during a configuration reload.


Fixed possible PBX crash when manager module was reinitialized.-VNP-56627

Added transfer destination for COMPLETETRANSFER call queue event.-VNP-56977

Display domains in ser_domain regardless of FROM value.-VNP-60370

Fixed automatic removal of older faxes.ZHY-229062VNP-60410

Check MAC provision option in provisioning endpoint.ALQ-328189VNP-60540

Fixed voicemail notification to contain both names.

Removed channels prefix from external targets in Call FLowsVUV-312692VNP-59325

Fixed label in voicemail settings area.-VNP-60577

Fixed time interval based jump when cloning an IVR.XVB-154816VNP-56773

Apply rows in table setting for queue agents table.-VNP-56707

Allow parking of a call from an public target of an ICR, if the ICR has "Allow public called destinations to transfer calls" enabled.ELY-685503VNP-60566

"Currently using CallerID numbers" is grayed out when callerID name and number are on set by equipment/userYIZ-941225VNP-57081

Fixed extension ping default setting and update to ser_subscriber.-VNP-60622

Improved UnifiedAPI logging in case of errors.-VNP-60118

Fixed queue report for answered calls when the agent is present in several queues.-VNP-58528

Disable use of ice if strict_rtp_address was updated due to probation.-VNP-60571

Fixed PBX security (atack on RTP stack).-VNP-60855

Fixed update to current credit when decreasing public network limit in charging plan.LUL-961218VNP-60816

Fixed DelTimeInterval SystemAPI method for non admin tokens. ANU-427739VNP-60789

Add unit measurement for uploaded file size warning.-VNP-56994

Update crypto when a new a=crypto is received.BGU-539076VNP-60864

Automation Component

No changes were made.

TypeDetailsSupport Zone IDJIRA Ticket ID

Fixed cipher issue for PsiGate and added improvements in cipherSwitcher.



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