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This document describes the steps required in creating and installing a skin for the VoipNow interface.


If you want to customize the look of the VoipNow interface, follow these steps:

  • Create a copy of one of the skins provided by 4PSA.
  • Customize the css files and/or the image files.
  • Compile the skin.
  • Install the skin.

The standard VoipNow distribution comes with a script that helps you create and install skins. This script can be found at <VOIPNOW_ROOT_D>/bin/utils/.

Below you can find more details on how to use this script.

Create a Copy of One of the VoipNow Standard Skins

STEP 1: Change the current directory to <VOIPNOW_ROOT_D>/admin/htdocs/skins/

STEP 2: This directory contains folders corresponding to the skins included in the standard distribution of VoipNow: default, blue, green, purple, red, turquoise.

STEP 3: Make a copy of one of these sub-directories to a location of your choice on the server.

For example, let's replicate the files of the default skin:

cp -pR /usr/local/voipnow/admin/htdocs/skins/default/ /usr/local/voipnow/bin/utils/default_copy/

Customize the Current Skin

Edit the files replicated in the previous step according to the instructions in chapters 2-4.

Compile the Skin Components

STEP 1: Change the current directory to: <VOIPNOW_ROOT_D>/bin/utils/.

STEP 2: Run the script

The script will ask you to enter:

  • The path to the folder that contains the skin-related files (i.e. the folder created at step Create a Copy of One of the Skins Provided by 4PSA). For example, we created the folder:/usr/local/voipnow/bin/utils/default_copy/.
  • The name of the skin.
  • The name of the skin customization author.
  • A short description for the skin.
  • The version of the VoipNow product corresponding to the customized skin, e.g. 3.5.0.

STEP 3: The script creates two files that can be used for installing the skin.

  • voipnow<PRODUCT_VERSION>_<SKIN_NAME>.tar.gz

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