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The VoipNow Translator's Guide gives a full insight into the way one can manage the VoipNow language packs. It describes the language files structure and at the same time provides instructions on how to create a language pack in the chosen language and on how to update the existing packs.

Who Should Read this Guide

This reference guide is intended to help anyone interested in translating VoipNow. You do not have to read the entire document to perform a proper translation. Nonetheless, this guide provides solutions to any problems you might experience during the process.

Required Knowledge and Skills

In order to be able to work in this environment, developers must have:

  • a good understanding of the VoipNow functionality and terminology;
  • basic scripting knowledge;
  • good translation skills and awareness of the chosen language(s).
All VoipNow translations must be verified and centralized by 4PSA. Please make sure you send us an email with your work.

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