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This script allows you to create a new extension, update the extension's options, or remove an extension.


where <command> is one of:

-h, --help Shows the help message.
-c, --createnumberCreates a new extension.
-u, --updatenumberUpdates an extension.
-r, --removeextendednumberRemoves an extension.

and available [options] are:

--auto<empty>Automatic password generation.
--passwordpasswordPassword used for logging in to the phone.
--parent_loginstringLogin name of the user that creates this extension (required for create and update operation).
--labelstringExtension label (default to number on extension creation).
--typestringExtension type (required for creation).
--extension_template_idnumberID of extension template.


Add New Extension

/usr/local/voipnow/bin/ --create 010 --parent_login newqueue --label "Queue Extension" --type "queue"

Update Extension

/usr/local/voipnow/bin/ --update 010 --label "First Queue"

Remove Extension

/usr/local/voipnow/bin/ --remove 0040*010

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