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This document contains all changes performed in the VoipNow 4.1.2 version.

Important Notes

Deprecating Notice

Please read VoipNow 4.1.2 before going further.

Limited Release Notes

The current release notes contain only the changes that in our opinion might affect existing VoipNow customers.

Features Enhancement Resolved

VoipNow 4.1.2 Release 170308

VoipNow Component

TypeDetailsSupport Zone Ticket IDJIRA Ticket ID

Improved queue agent reports speed.CAK-797227VNP-58906

Do not allow any more recording management when extension features management is disabled.-VNP-59403

Properly check the extension status while authenticating non-INVITE requestsCFS-820603VNP-57250

Fixed ICR transfer to groups that contained a deleted extension.-VNP-59062

Fixed 302 Redirect from extension to public network.HDO-122789VNP-59092

Fixed custom provisioning templates delete.-VNP-59148

Fixed user notification email not being sent to user.CQH-380067VNP-59164

Fixed password strength validation in EditExtension SystemAPI method.JUX-755580VNP-59184

Fixed SystemAPI EditUser method to change user's name field.MAO-486213 KPQ-248499VNP-59190

Fixed Call Reports checkboxes display on Safari browser.TND-735341VNP-59205

Added capability to configure RabbitMQ THREAD IO POOL size in local.conf.IBE-852567VNP-59207

Fixed extended local calls when DID is called.GGX-196012VNP-59270

Permit only 0 to exit from queue calls to operator.KCB-488659VNP-59278

Fixed PBX search for proxy infrastructures with multiple SIP servers.BZN-633321VNP-59314 VNP-53730

Fixed record sound over the phone feature.XLI-127716 CWY-331331 EJW-787084VNP-59341

Fixed local callerid setting when global 'Send public callerid' is enabled.AGS-901180 CMR-700930VNP-59358

Fixed duplicated header in extension virtualization.VNN-856093 VUV-312692VNP-59359

Fixed possible PBX crash when leaving conference after a failed conference invite.AutoreportVNP-59431

Fixed possible license upload failed error.-VNP-59592

Automation Component

No changes were made.

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