This page describes the registration process of third-party Apps with VoipNow.

In order to use the resources exposed by VoipNow, a developer must register the App with the system from the interface.

Any single user can register a maximum of 1000 Apps.

Use the system interface

When developing and testing your App, use this type of registration.

Navigate to the Authorized Apps page

If you want to register an App to a Service Provider, Organization or User account you must go to Unified Communications -> Integrations -> Apps.

There are two tabs: Apps Management and App Registration

To add an app to the system, select the App Registration tab and click the Add App icon.

Fill in the app form

Fill in the required information taking into account the example below.

Screenshot: Editing an authorized App

The following options are available:

Confirm settings

Click OK to confirm the settings and add the new App or Cancel to stop the process and close the window.

Other options

Regenerate app secret

In some cases it is required to invalidate the old secret of the App. In this case, just click the Regenerate button located next to the old App Secret. This action will invalidate all the access tokens currently owned by the App.

Remove app registration

At any time, the user can remove the App from the system as described in the Apps Management section.