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Redundant DNS infrastructures can be easily set up and managed using 4PSA's DNS management solution. Based on an established permission set, customers can administer their DNS zones and records by themselves.

Management and Security

Our solution helps service providers and enterprises organize the business and technical aspects of DNS hosting in a multitenant management interface that is accessible over the web.

Centralized DNS Service

Gathering DNS intelligence from thousands of remote servers using DNS independent protocols is now possible. The DNS consolidation service comes with important business advantages.

Automation and Integration

All important management actions are exposed using a web services API. This interface can be used by software applications to interact with the DNS infrastructure.


DNS management is not only about editing resource records, even though such tasks are simplified by the use of templates and importing tools. By providing resource owners with instant access to their DNS information, the number of support inquiries is reduced and customer satisfaction is maximized.


  • Low initial investment and pay-as-you-go licensing
  • Operates on standard x86-based servers (physical or virtual) and requires CentOS/RHEL as the operating system

  • Complete DNS system using Bind DNS server
  • AJAX web-based management interface
  • Multilevel, role-based DNS management for administrator and customers
  • Remote update protocol, capable to centralize DNS records from servers not running DNS
  • Integrated round robin DNS resource monitoring for most popular protocols
  • Tools for validating DNS records and adding resources for particular applications
  • A SOAP API to control resources using web services
  • One single point of management for distributed DNS infrastructures
  • Server monitoring and self-healing
  • A proven platform used on thousands of deployments worldwide
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