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Our integrated solution offers all the resources needed for running the hosted PBX business in one package. Great service at the lowest cost per customer.

Major Opportunity for Service Providers 

Offering hosted Unified Communications is a major opportunity for service providers and the hosted PBX service is the legacy component that simplifies adoption for customers.

A Better Substitute for PBX

Unified Communications replaces on-premises legacy PBX systems with its lower-cost savings, flexibility, features, and integration with computers.

The Best Solution for Customers

Unified Communications provide businesses with new methods to improve internal communications, as well as their relationship with partners and customers.


The hosted PBX service must provide more than telephony services. VoipNow brings together Unified Communications, by integrating voice, video, user presence, faxing, instant messaging, and email groupware.


  • Low initial investment and pay-as-you-go licensing
  • Requires standard x86 compatible servers and Linux operating system
  • Multitenant, role-based AJAX web management interface with four levels of administration
  • Real-time billing on all account levels
  • Extensive set of features and virtually unlimited possibilities to create service plans
  • Integration with other applications through the available APIs
  • Online store, account provisioning, customer management, recurring invoicing, and charging
  • Unlimited scaling thanks to the 4PSA Cloud technology
  • A proven platform used on thousands of deployments worldwide
  • Training programs for support staff
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