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VoipNow is a business phone and Unified Communications system designed to meet the demands of the most exigent and successful businesses. 


Always available

A Unified Communications system that enables you to make voice and video calls, use conferencing, mobility, presence, IM, and other features.

High savings

Save big on your telephony bill with intelligent call routing. No matter where you are, your calls are routed so that you can benefit from minimized costs.

Anytime, anywhere

VoipNow sets you free from your desk phone, enabling you to take calls at any time and anywhere. With customizable incoming call rules, you decide where and when to be reached.

Better sales and customer service

The system acts as a smart contact center. You can track the number of calls, call duration, how agents performed, and much more. The result: more satisfied customers.

Advanced telephony features list 

Call encryption 

Security and privacy should be a priority for every company. VoipNow uses a simplified encryption setup and supports a wide range of media encryption standards such as SDES and DTLS-SRTP. 

Call forwarding

When you’re not at your desk be sure not to miss important calls. With VoipNow, you can forward a call to another extension, to a landline, and even to your mobile phone.

Call waiting

Using the call waiting feature, you can answer other incoming calls while you are in another conversation. Incoming calls will not get rejected, and your callers will not hear the Busy signal.

How to use Call Waiting

To activate call waiting on your extension, dial *71.

To deactivate call waiting on your extension, dial *70.

Call hold

VoipNow also supports on-hold calls. You can put incoming calls on hold and have them transferred to other extensions using the keypad. Also, you can personalize the music on hold. 

Call transfer

Easily transfer calls using the phone keypad. Transfer calls to your colleagues' extensions, or even to public phone numbers. Both blind and attended transfers are supported. 

How to use Call Transfer

For blind or cold transfers, where the call is transferred to given party, without any prior notice:

Press #1 followed by the extension number where you want to transfer the call.

For an attended or warm transfers, where the call is placed on hold then forwarded to a specific person:

Press *2 followed by the extension number. The call will be put on hold and the system will place another call to the extension you selected. 

When you hang up, the call on hold will be automatically transferred. 

Call pickup

Pick up calls ringing your colleagues' extensions. For example, your secretary can answer another employee's phone without leaving her desk.

How to use Call Pickup

To pickup the first call ringing, dial *21.

To pick up the call from a colleague's extension, dial *21 followed by your colleague's extension number (for example, *21102).

Tip! You can also dial the last missed call, organization-wide, by dialing *66.

Call parking

The feature is very useful when you want to put multiple callers on hold and then allow these callers to be picked up by somebody else. 

Calls can be parked in a private lot and picked up later, according to the parking lot preferences.

How to use Call Parking

To park a call, pressing #2 on your phone's dial pad and the system will announce the position of the call in the parking lot. 

To unpark the first call in the parking lot, dial *221 on the phone keypad.

To unpark the last call in the parking lot, dial *229.

If there are several calls in the parking lot, you can choose the one you want to pick up. If you already know the position of the parked call, dial *225 followed by the position

If you don't know the position of the call in the parking lot, dial *225 from your phone keypad and the system will inform you about the Caller-IDs and their position in the parking lot.

Call recording

Record important calls as part of customer satisfaction improvement programs or for abuse prevention. Both incoming and outgoing calls can be recorded on demand or automatically.

Call recording can be event-driven (upon the press of a button) or unconditional (set up by management).

How to use Call Recording

If call recording is set up to be event-driven, when in a phone conversation, you can start recording calls by pressing *1.

If you wish to stop recording calls, press *1 again.

If you have access to VoipNow's interface, you will be able to search through and listen to all your recorded calls under Assets >> Recorded Calls.

Call cascading

With call cascading enabled, a call will be forwarded to other extensions if not answered within a predetermined amount of time, ensuring that someone will take the call, even if the initial extension didn't answer. 

Do not disturb

When you are busy, make sure that nobody disturbs you. This feature can be activated and deactivated straight from the phone terminal.

How to use Do Not Disturb

Press *78 to activate the Do Not Disturb option.

Press *79 to deactivate the Do Not Disturb option.

Voicemail and voicemail2email

Never miss important messages when you’re out of office!  You can personalize your voicemail using custom greetings (i.e. busy, unavailable, out of office, etc.) and you can access messages over the phone, remotely or in your inbox; voicemail messages can be sent to your email address as sound files.

How to use Voicemail

Dial *95 to manage your voicemail messages or *950 to enable/disable the voicemail feature on your extension.

Anonymous calling 

Activate this option on your extension to hide your CallerID for outgoing calls. 

How to use Anonymous Calling

To activate anonymous calling on your extension, dial *85. To deactivate it, dial *65.

Authorization to reach extension 

Make sure that only important calls reach you! This feature ensures privacy by requesting the caller to provide a password before he/she can contact your extension.

Cascade - Find me/Follow me 

Never miss a phone call again. No matter where you are - in the office, at home or on the move, when a caller tries to reach you, VoipNow can be configured to ring all your devices at the same time: deskphone, landline, or mobile phone. 


You can easily spot if your colleagues are on the phone or busy before transferring them a call. Phones can display the status of the other extensions in the company using multi-color LED buttons. For instance, the receptionist will know before transferring a call that the manager is on the phone.


Take full advantage of Unified Communications using VoipNow. When voice is simply not enough, you can make video calls using or a softphone on your PC/laptop.

Incoming call rules 

Take control of your call flows. Filter incoming calls based on CallerID and time of call, using rules that can perform a set of predefined actions, such as transfer to certain destinations. The ICRs improve privacy protection, automate tasks and increase user productivity. 

Faxing, fax2email, and fax center

Effortlessly send and receive faxes, even on poor quality connections. The fully-featured fax server can receive and send faxes over email or using the web management interface.

Conference center 

Businesses can schedule conferences and have multiple conferences on their conference number. VoipNow supports one-time conferences as well as recurring conferences. Conference participants can authenticate when they connect to the conference server. Real-time conference utilization reports are available in the interface.

Dedicated voicemail number 

A fast and affordable, yet centralized access to your voicemail from public phone networks. Your company can assign a special phone number that you and your colleagues can call from a public number in order to check your voicemail messages. 


The new Intercom and Paging features are highly customizable, allowing an extension to broadcast messages to groups or to particular extensions. The phone system administrator of a company deploying VoipNow can set up what extensions are allowed to use Intercom and Paging.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) 

Create complex auto-attendant voice menus with multiple contexts, options, and actions that improve front-office activities. An indispensable business tool that substantially reduces costs and increases customer satisfaction.

Call screening 

Banks, insurance companies, or even small companies can use call screening in order to comply with local regulations and to guarantee customer satisfaction. The system can accommodate millions of numbers in the filtering list.

Call queues 

Call queues can answer multiple calls and distribute them to agents using sophisticated algorithms. Used by sales, customer service or support, they maximize the company resources utilization, improve customer satisfaction and even guarantee SLA terms.

Call monitoring, whisper, and barge in

Listen to conversations, whisper to agents or barge in the call when needed. This feature proves particularly useful when training new employees or assisting them.

Local and remote call agents 

Your local agents can log in to one or several queues at the same time and start helping your customers right away. You can also turn your best agents into supervisors, so they can help train other agents.

Since VoipNow also supports remote agents, your agents do not need to be in the office to assist your customers. All they need is access to a desk phone or softphone. Once authenticated, they will start receiving calls from the queue. 

Office hours 

Set up time intervals on the system. When out of office or on vacation, the system can automatically transfer calls to your voicemail or to a mobile device. 

Sound file and music on hold

Personalize your calls with your own music on hold and sounds. Sound folders and sound languages can be easily managed straight from the interface.  

CallNow / Click2Call

Have the Cloud connect you to your customers, partners or friends with just one click. Publish a link to your extension on the website or include it in an email signature. Whenever someone clicks it, the system will instantly place a call between your extension and your visitor or email recipient. These one-click phone calls are proven to improve customer satisfaction!

Directory listing / dial by name

With the Dial-By-Name directory, your customers can find the person they are looking for by dialing their first or last name and they will be transferred to them immediately.

Extension virtualization 

Hot-desking is easily achieved with extension virtualization. Any phone line in the system can be virtualized, enabling your teams to work in shifts and share the same desk and physical phone, while using their individual extension.

Reduce costs without compromising your level of control!


Call from anywhere, at any time, using any device. Use your extension on your smartphone as if you were in the office. 

Advanced call reporting

VoipNow includes a wide range of reporting tools for administrators and management. The Advanced Call Reporting is comprehensive, allowing you to monitor user activity, bill customers from third-party applications or determine call queues flows.

Limit calls per user

VoipNow's charging engine allows you to restrict international calls for employees and reduce risk and costs if the system is used without permission. 

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