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Wholesale VoIP solutions are defined by flexibility, allowing service providers to implement more than basic network access services. Taking the customer's needs into consideration, 4PSA offers advanced services that can be deployed step by step.

Guaranteed Scalability

The quality of service and total business and process automation are our main objectives. To help us meet them, we have embedded cloud scalability into all our solutions.

Pay What You Use

We created VoIP solutions where you get to only pay for the resources you use.

Lowest Cost per Customer in the Industry

4PSA provides unlimited scalability for the lowest cost per customer in the industry. This allows service providers to be more competitive and to grow more rapidly.


Operations and business automation empower service providers to provision new accounts without any intervention, to automatically charge customer accounts, and to suspend or terminate services based on predefined criteria.


  • Low initial investment and pay-as-you-go licensing
  • Operates on standard x86-based servers (physical or virtual) and running CentOS/RHEL as the operating system

  • Unlimited scaling thanks to the 4PSA Cloud technology
  • Media gateway with PRI interfaces using standard PCI cards
  • Multitenant, reseller-friendly AJAX web-management interface with four levels of administration
  • Real-time billing on all account levels
  • Complex telephone routing rules and Q.931 based fallback
  • Number portability engine for integration with national number databases
  • Virtually unlimited possibilities to create service plans
  • Automation with online store, account provisioning, customer management, recurring invoicing and charging
  • A proven platform used on thousands of deployments worldwide
  • Training programs for support staff
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