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This page contains instructions on how to install DNS Manager on VMware vSphere.

Fast Track
There is always the option to provision a virtual machine with one of the supported operating systems and then use the Command Line Installer to install DNS Manager.


We highly recommend VMware vSphere 6.x or newer versions for production environments, but for testing purposes you can also use VMware Player.

To meet DNS Manager performance and computing requirements, the virtual machine must be configured as follows:

  • Memory: 4GB (or more)
  • CPUs: 2 (or more)
  • SCSI controller: Paravirtual
  • Network adapter: VMXNET 3
  • HDD: 160GB virtual disk (or more)
  • CDROM: yes
  • Guest Operating System: Linux (Redhat Enterprise system 8 or newer )


In order to install DNS Manager you must first download the ISO image available here. After you download the ISO image:

  1. Create a new virtual machine in VMware using the specification from above.
  2. Start the newly created machine.
  3. Attach the ISO image to the machine and boot from it.
  4. Follow the general ISO installation instructions available here.

After installation, but before rebooting the newly installed machine, it is possible to create a VMware virtual machine template in order to automate installation for other nodes.

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