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Applies to VoipNow 3 and higher!

Most of you have already encountered this problem when trying to browse through the Reports > Call reports. You must have noticed that numbers get displayed as XX-XXX-XXXXXX. Although this is the default behavior, it can be annoying for those of you who prefer that numbers look like XXX-XXX-XXXXX or X-XXX-XXXXX, etc. This article describes how to change the way the DIDs are displayed in the interface.

Step-by-step guide   

In order to change the DIDs' default behavior, follow the next steps:

STEP 1: Edit the /usr/local/voipnow/admin/htdocs/language/en/interface.php file and instead of:

if (!defined('PHONE_NO_MASK')) {

Set for example (or any format you want):

if (!defined('PHONE_NO_MASK')) {

Note that, if you are not using the English interface, you will need to edit the interface.php file from the language pack you are using, e.g. /usr/local/voipnow/admin/htdocs/language/fr/interface.php..

STEP 2: As soon as you finish editing this file, you will need to restart the web interface using:

service voipnow restart

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