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This page contains a short introduction to extensions.


The extension is a number associated to a phone device. It is defined by a number, a caller ID, a set of preferences and properties.

Extension number

A three digit number, e.g. 001*003, where 001 is the Organization ID and 003 is the the local extension number.

Caller ID

The public phone number assigned to the extension.


One can either use the templates available in the system or can customize it to suit their own needs.


The properties of the extension take into consideration the extension type. They can have a specific set of incoming rules or a particular charging plan. They can have Conference or CallNow features activated.

Extension types

VoipNow supports several types of extensions that you find listed below, among which Phone Terminal is the most frequently used.

  • Phone Terminal
  • Queue
  • IVR
  • Voicemail Center
  • Conference
  • Callback
  • Calling Card
  • Intercom/Paging
  • Queue Login Center

Each extension type comes with its own set of specific features: from Voicemail to Call Recording, Extension Virtualization to SIP Presence, etc.

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