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To be able to use the Callback extension, you need to add an authorized CallerID. The extension will recognize the system user and, thus, enable them to place an outgoing call through the VoipNow platform.


Click the Add an authorized CallerID icon available in the Tools section. You may upload a file with CallerIDs or you may manually enter them. Depending on your choice, use the controls under the fieldsets below.

Upload authorized CallerIDs from file

  • Upload callerIDs from file: Select in case you want to upload a file containing data about multiple CallerIDs. You will not be able to use the controls available in the Add Authorized CallerIDs fieldset.
  • CallerIDs file: When the Upload callerIDs from file option is enabled, you can use the Browse button to locate the file containing the CallerIDs you want to upload. The uploaded CallerID will be displayed in the following pattern: callerID, pin, orderno, credit. The credit parameter can take numeric values or the u, unlimited value.
  • Field separator: Specify the field separator character. Default: ','.

Add authorized CallerIDs

  • Accept calls from callerID: Specify the extension number. VoipNow will allow callback to this number.
  • PIN number: Fill in the PIN code associated to the extension. VoipNow will request the user to provide the PIN before allowing him to use the Callback extension.
  • Order number: Specify the identification number of the request made to allocate this credit.
  • Add an initial credit of: Specify the amount of money offered to the user when setting up his CallerID. Select the Unlimited checkbox if you do not want to limit the CallerID.

You can use the buttons to add/remove several new authorized CallerID's at the same time.

Click OK to add the new authorized CallerID to the system. Click Cancel to go back to the previous page without adding anything.

Edit an authorized CallerID

You can modify the following options:

  • Accept calls from callerID
  • PIN number

For more information on how to edit these fields, revisit the explanations under the Add Authorized CallerIDs section.

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