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The Callback extension comes with supplementary features that allow you to manage authorized CallerIDs and the credit associated to them.


The Callback extension type allows system users to place calls using the VoipNow system even if their phone is only connected to the public network.

To do this, the user calls the Callback extension and waits to be called back. After being called back, he will be able to dial any number using the VoipNow system.

It is recommended to restrict this functionality in order to avoid abuse by creating a list of authorized CallerIDs. The users will be allowed to route phone calls through the server only if they call from one of those authorized phone numbers.

Authorized CallerIDs

In case the maximum number of authorized CallerIDs supported by your license was reached, then you are not able to add others and the Authorized CallerIDs icon is disabled.

Only the active authorized CallerIDs are counted.

Using this feature you can authorize the users that should benefit from the Callback function.

The Authorized CallerIDs Management page allows you to:

  • view the Authorized CallerIDs List for the current extension.
  • define a new authorized CallerID.
  • manage the CallerID credit.
  • save the authorized CallerIDs.
  • search for specific CallerIDs.
  • remove unused items.

Authorized CallerIDs table

VoipNow displays the following information about the authorized CallerIDs:

  • S: Click the icon to change the CallerID's status: for enabled for disabled
  • C: Click the icon to view a report about the costs of all the calls placed by all the authorized CallerIDs defined for the current Callback extension.
  • Callback Number: The CallerID that is authorized to use the callback function. Click the link to modify the number or to change the associated PIN code.
  • PIN: Displays Yes/No depending if the user will be asked to introduce his PIN code before being able to use the callback function or not.
  • Total Credit: Displays the user's total initial credit.
  • Available Credit: Displays the credit left for using the callback function.
  • Created: Displays the date and time the phone number was introduced to the authorized CallerID's list.
  • B: Click the icon to manage the CallerID credit.


You can export the Authorized CallerIDs List to one of the two available file formats:

Export to Excel
Export to CSV

Manage credit associated to authorized CallerID

The Credit Management for CallerID <callerid> page allows you to:

  • View the credit associated to the CallerID, including the Recharge History.
  • Recharge the extension whose CallerID is included in the authorized ID's list.
  • Search for certain recharges.

Recharge history table

VoipNow displays the following credit information:

  • Order Number: The identification number for the credit allocation.
  • Credit Added: The amount of money added to the current CallerID. The amount can be negative as well. The available credit can be decreased if required.
  • Credit Left: The total amount of money currently available for conversations.
  • Date Added: The date and time the credit was added to the CallerID.

Add credit to authorized CallerID

To add credit to the selected authorized CallerID, fill in the required details:

  • Add credit: Fill in the amount of money you want to offer the CallerID user. Between parenthesis, VoipNow displays the amount still available: (currently <amount> <currency> left). Note that the amount can be Unlimited.
  • Order number: Fill in the identification number of the request made to allocate the credit.

If the initial credit is Unlimited, then filling in a negative amount (e.g. -10) in the Add credit field will limit the CallerID. For our example, the Credit Added will be -10 and the Credit Left will be decreased from Unlimited to 0. In this case, one will not be able to use this CallerID for callback calls.

The <currency> is the server default currency, defined in the Unified CommunicationsSettings Zero Priority Charging preferences page.

Click OK to add the new credit or Cancel to return to the previous page without adding anything.

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