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This page contains instructions on how to change the date and timezone on a VoipNow system.

Overview of timezone

To change the date and timezone of your system, go to Unified Communications in the side menu and click the Timezone icon under the Settings area.

Set date and timezone

Once you're in the Timezone Preferences page, fill in the fields described below and click OK to save your preferences. To return to the previous page without making any changes, click Cancel.

  • Current Date and Time: The system's date and time depending on the selected timezone (format: mm dd, yy hh:mm:ss timezone).

  • Change time zone to: Select the server's current time zone from the drop-down list. To verify if the time zone was properly updated, check the value displayed in the Current Date and Time field

  • NTP server SIP devices provisioned: Specify a server address that VoipNow system can use as a time reference.

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