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This page contains instructions on how to set up your administrator account.


To access and manage the VoipNow platform, first you need to fill in your contact information. To reach the page where you can edit your details, go to Unified CommunicationsSettings Admin Contact area.

Main details

While some fields are explicit and no longer require further explanations, others are detailed below for clarification purposes.

  1. Enter the details below.
    • Password: You are not allowed to use dictionary words. Passwords can only contain the following character types: any of the 26 letters of the Latin alphabet [a-z]; capitals are also accepted [A-Z]; any combination of the 10 decimals [0-9]; special characters like: ~-_. (tilda, minus, underline, dot). Scripts of non-Latin languages (such as Arabic, Cyrillic, Chinese, Greek, Indian, Korean or Japanese) are illegible and are not allowed for this field.
    • Email: Automatic notifications will be sent to this email address whenever an event occur. Please note that the email address can contain characters from any official language script. Domain names that contain these special, so called non-ASCII, characters are called Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs). VoipNow supports IDNsTo change notification preferences or email templates used for sending such notifications, go to Unified Communications → System Templates → Email Templates.
    • Region: Select your current country region from the drop-down list.
    • Time zone: Select your location from the drop-down list. The time zone corresponding to your current country will be adjusted accordingly.
  2. Click OK to submit data.

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