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This page contains instructions on how to add and manage channel groups.


With VoipNow, you can add multiple channels to a group, depending on their usability, provider, etc. Channel groups were introduced as support for future developments in Outgoing Routing Rules. The controls in the Channel Group Management page allow you to:

  • create a new group
  • edit one of the existing channel groups
  • search for certain groups
  • perform bulk channel management
  • remove unused groups

Add a new channel group

A channel can be a member of several groups at the same time. To create a new group:

  1. Click the Add channel group icon available in the Tools section of the Channel Group Management page.
  2. Fill in descriptive facts about the channel group in the Channel Group Form section:
  3. In the Choose channels field, select the channels you want to add:
    • Available channels: Lists all channels currently available in the system. Click a channel to assign it to a group. VoipNow will automatically move them to the Group channels pool.
    • Group channels: Lists all the channels currently assigned to the group. Click a channel to remove it from a group. VoipNow will automatically move them back to the Available channels pool.
  4. Click OK to confirm your settings and add the new channel group. To go back to the previous page without adding anything, click Cancel.

To edit a channel group, click the channel name and apply the same steps as above.

Search for a channel group

If the channel groups list is too long and you want to search for a particular channel group, use the existing controls:

  1. Enter the name of the channel in the text box at the top of the table.
  2. Click the Search button. The system will remember the search criteria when a new search is performed and even after the user logs out.

Manage channels for group

Under the Channels column from the Channel Groups list, you will find the number of channels members in the group. Click the link to enter the Channel Management for Group <group_name> page. This allows you to manage existing channels, add new ones, create new outgoing routing rules groups or add new public phone numbers to be used inside the group.

Controls are similar to the ones from the Channel <channel_name> Management page, except that you are not allowed to define other channel groups. On mouse over, an explanation is displayed.

Remove channel group(s)

You cannot remove a channel group that has assigned channel(s).

To remove a channel group:

  1. Select the channel group corresponding checkbox.
  2. Click the Remove selected link.
  3. Select the Confirm removal checkbox and click OK. To return to the previous page without deleting these records, click Cancel.

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