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This page contains instructions on how to customize notification preferences.

Account owners

There are several types of users interested in receiving notification emails:

  • System administrator(s): Monitoring all the events in the system.
  • Service providers: The events targeting their organization and user accounts.
  • Organizations: The events targeting their user accounts.
  • Users: The events targeting their voice mailboxes and fax messages.

Set up email notifications

The system displays the list of all the possible email notifications. Depending on your account type, you may enable email notifications for system administrator(s), service provider, organization, and user account owners:

  1. From the available checkboxes, select the notifications corresponding to the users you want to notify.
  2. Click OK to save your options. To return to the previous page without saving the changes, click Cancel.

These settings are available until the user targeted by the notification (service provider, organization or user) changes them. If you want all email notifications that belong to a specific category to be sent to a certain account type (e.g. to all organizations), from the header of the list select the checkbox corresponding to that particular account.

When a new account is created, it inherits the upper level account email notification options. Later on, the account owner can change these options from the Email Templates Management page.

The email notification is sent to the address specified in the account information. The notification emails can also be sent to an email address entered in the Email Address column. This email address may vary for each selected event. 

Set up preferences

To set up an email address from which notifications are sent or to customize requirements for sending warning emails related to an account or to charging, customize the fields in the Preferences area:

  • Email sender [] use own address: Fill in the source email address for all notifications sent from the current account's context. This feature offers the possibility to set a custom email address to be used for notifying account owners. Available only if the use own address checkbox is not selected. In order for this field to be validated, the format of the email must be John Doe <> or Please note that the email address can contain characters from any official language script. Domain names that contain these special, so called non-ASCII, characters are called Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs). VoipNow supports IDNs.
  • Send expiration notices <x> days in advance: Specify how many days before the account expiration a notifications is dispatched to the users.
  • Send charging limit warnings when the account is below <y> minutes or <credit_limit> <currency>: A charging limit warning is generated in one of the following cases:
    • The minutes remaining from the total amount specified for the Available external outgoing minutes option go below the time limit you specified in the first text box.
    • The credit remaining in Limit for external outgoing calls goes below the money limit you specified in the second text box.
    • The credit remaining in Limit for external incoming calls goes below the money limit you specified for external outgoing calls in the above text box.

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