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This page contains instructions on how to use the Call Screening feature.


Only Phone Terminal and Calling Card extensions allow you to control and filter accessible destinations using the Call Screening feature.

In the Call Screening for Extension <extension_number> page you can set up the screening behavior. You can filter the extension's calls so that the user cannot make calls to the phone numbers defined in the database categories.

To filter the extension's calls, at least one database category must be defined. To customize the screening behavior, use the options grouped under the following sections:

  • Call Screening
  • Behavior Settings

Call screening

Use the available radio buttons to define the screening feature's behavior. The following options are available:

  • Do not use filtering: All the outgoing calls are allowed, no filtering applies.
  • Filter calls to selected numbers: This option allows you to specify the phone numbers the extension will not be able to call. When enabled, the following supplementary options are available:
    • Screen all calls to numbers in - The extension will not be able to call the phone numbers from the database categories that are assigned to be screened.
    • But allow calls to - This section contains the database categories that can be called, OVERRIDING the screening rules previously set for the Screen all calls to numbers in option.
  • Permit only calls to selected numbers: When this option is selected, the extension will only be able to call the numbers from the Available categories list. You can assign a database category by selecting its name in the Available categories list. The application will automatically transfer it to the Assigned categories list. The Assigned categories list contains all the database categories that are currently screened. To remove a category from this list, click its name and it automatically move back to the Available categories list.

Behavior settings

This only option you can customize is Play sound when access is restricted. Enable this option if you want a sound to the played to the caller when the access is restricted. Click the icon to view the available sound files or manually fill in the file location.
A popup window listing all the sounds matching the name specified in the text box will be displayed. You can read more about the Sound Manager in the Appendix.

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