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This page contains instructions on how to enable or disable a Calling Card extension, view cost reports, manage card credit, search for a specific code, etc.


The Calling Card extension allows system users to place calls using the VoipNow server even if their phone is only connected to the public network. In order to be able to call the Calling Card extension and thus dial any number using the VoipNow server, the user needs a valid card code.

In case the maximum number of calling card codes supported by the license was reached, you are not able to add or to generate other codes. The Add Card Codes and Generate Card Codes icons are disabled. Only the active calling card codes are counted.

The Calling Card Codes Management page allows you to:

  • view the Card Codes List defined for the current extension
  • set up a new card code
  • randomly generate a set of codes
  • manage the calling card credit
  • save the calling cards
  • search for specific codes
  • remove unused items

Enable or disable card code

The card code's status. Click the icon to change the card code's status: for enabled for disabled

View cost report

In the C column of the Card Codes List, click the  icon to view a report about the costs of all the calls placed by all the card codes defined for the current Calling Card extension.

Edit card code

The Card Code column from the Card Codes List, displays the unique card code or, if the authentication is done based on the CallerID, the user's CallerID that it is associated with this card code. Click the link to modify the CallerID or to change the associated PIN code.

Manage card code credit

In the B column of the Card Codes List, click the  icon to manage the card code credit.

Export card codes

You can export the Card Codes List to one of the two available file formats:

  • Export to Excel
  • Export to CSV

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