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This page contains instructions on how to view and manage the credit available on your calling card.


The Credit Management for Card Code <card_code> page can be accessed by clicking the icon from the B column of the Card Codes Table and allows you to:

  • view the credit associated to the card code, including the recharge history
  • recharge the extension's card code
  • search for certain recharges

VoipNow displays the following credit information in the Recharge History table:

  • Order Number: The identification number for the credit allocation.
  • Credit Added: The amount of money added to the current card code. The amount can be negative as well. The available credit can be decreased if required.
  • Credit Left: The total amount of money currently available for conversations.
  • Date Added: The date and time the credit was added to the card code.

Add card codes credit

To add credit to the selected card code, fill in the required details:

  • Add credit: Fill in the amount of money you want to offer the card user. Between parenthesis, VoipNow displays the amount still available: (currently <amount> <currency> left). Note that the amount can be Unlimited.
  • Order number: Fill in the identification number of the request made to allocate the credit.

If the initial credit is Unlimited, then filling in a negative amount (e.g. -10) in the Add credit field will limit the CallerID. For our example, the Credit Added will be -10 and the Credit Left will be decreased from Unlimited to 0. In this case, one will not be able to place calls using this card.

The <currency> is the server default currency, defined in the Unified CommunicationsSettings Zero Priority Charging preferences page.

Click OK to add the new credit or Cancel to return to the previous page without adding anything.

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