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This page contains information on the VoipNow licenses available.


To be able use VoipNow and Hubgets, you need a valid license. The license key is generated based on the Infrastructure ID of your infrastructure or on the IP address of your machine. The License Management page allows you to:

  • view the current license status and the utilization permissions
  • update your license

VoipNow licenses

Clients can easily plan their costs according to the communication requirements of their infrastructures. The maximum number of SIP trunking channels is given by the license and user types.

The number of SIP trunking channels is computed based on the total number of Maximum public concurrent calls set for the users.

You cannot enable SIP trunking if the Maximum public concurrent calls is set to Unlimited. For more information, refer to the User Limits section.

User typeLicense typeNo. of extensionsMaximum no. of SIP trunking channels
EnterpriseLeased, yearlyLicense is issued in increments of 50 Hubgets users and 100 extensionsEqual to the number of extensions the license is issued for (namely in increments of 100)
Service providerLeased or EvaluationLimited or pay-as-you-growEqual to the number of extensions the license is issued for

Manage licenses

To set up license options, go to Unified CommunicationsSettingsLicense Management. Here you will find some fields that are detailed below.

License key status

These options detail the status of the uploaded license key.

  • Infrastructure ID: Your system's infrastructure ID; the license key must be issued for this ID, otherwise it will not work.
  • System IP address: Your system's IP address; displayed if the Infrastructure ID field is empty.
  • License key status: The status of the currently loaded license key.

New license

This is where you can upload a new license key or activate the VoipNow Platform with the help of a code.

  • Use activation code: When enabled, this option allows you to use an activation code instead of uploading a license key.
  • License key file: Upload the license key to the server. Click the Browse button to locate the license key file on your computer. To finalize the activation, click Upload. This option is not available if Use activation code is checked.
  • Activation code: Fill in the activation code that will be used to extend the license. This option is only available if Use activation code is checked.

Get license key from the licensing server

Use the form to query the licensing server. This function can only be used when a license key is loaded on the server and it's not expired. The first time you install the product, it is required to upload the license key or use an activation code.

The Last licensing server answer field refers to the answer received on the last query from the license server. Click the Get license button to obtain a new answer from the license server.

License key properties

This area contains a report with details about the current license.

VendorThe name of your vendor: 4PSA or Hubgets
Software edition

The software edition: Service Provider or Enterprise

License key numberThe license key number and its current loaded instance
Licensing program

The licensing program the software belongs to. Several values are available:

  • If leased: Startup Licensing or Volume Licensing
  • If evaluation: Evaluation
  • If express: Express
Maximum number of extensionsMaximum number of extensions that VoipNow will handle.
Enabled for Hubgets or Maximum number of Hubgets users

If your license includes support for Hubgets, then this field displays the maximum number of Hubgets users allowed by your license.

If this feature is not included (the value is No), the current license doesn't give you access to Hubgets, the team communication and collaboration app that makes businesses more productive. Ask you account manager on how to enable it.

Maximum number of calling card codes

Maximum number of calling cards codes allowed by your current VoipNow license

Maximum number of callback numbers

Maximum number of callback numbers allowed by your current VoipNow license

Maximum number of SIP trunking channelsTotal number of SIP trunking channels allowed by your current VoipNow license
License key expires onExpiration date for license key
Whitebox enabled

If your license supports this feature (the value is Yes), you are allowed to remove or to replace all the references to VoipNow product and 4PSA trademark references from the VoipNow interface.

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