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This page contains instructions on how to customize the message played to a caller before redirecting to the extension mailbox.


To configure voicemail greetings for your extension, access the Voicemail Greetings icon from your extension's context page.

This feature allows you to upload new greeting files or to visualize the ones available in the system. The greeting is the message callers will hear prompting them to leave a voicemail message.

The Greetings of Extension <extension_name> management page allows you to:

  • view the uploaded greetings
  • upload other files
  • download the files

Upload greeting

To upload a greeting:

  1. Select the file you want to use as greeting.
  2. Select the greeting message type.
    • Temporary greeting

    • Unavailable message

    • My name

    • Busy message

  3. Use the Browse button to locate the greeting file on your computer. Accepted file extensions: .mp3 and .wav.
    • Temporary greeting

    • Unavailable message

    • My name

    • Busy message

  4. Click OK to upload the selected file or Cancel to return to the previous page without adding the greeting.

Download greeting

To download a greeting, click its file name in the Greetings table.

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