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The Voicemail Center extension resembles the Voicemail function of a Phone Terminal extension. The difference is that the Voicemail Center allows users to verify their messages from a telephone located outside the system (e.g. a public phone).


First you need to define the general settings, then you may set up specific options. You may skip customization and come back any time later on by clicking the Voicemail Center setup icon available in the extension's management page.

Voicemail center

Only one option can be customized.

Play Sound <folder> <sound> before connecting to Voicemail Center: Enable if you want a sound to be played to the callers before connecting to the Voicemail Center. Click the icon to view the available sound files or manually fill in the file location. A popup window listing all the sounds matching the name specified in the text box will be displayed. You can read more about the Sound Manager in the Appendix.

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