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This page describes the Top Users Using Telephony report, which displays the top 10 Phone terminal extension users, based on the total duration of all their calls.

TUUT graph

The chart uses colored bars to represent the top users. This representation keeps you informed at any time about the most active users. The total duration of the calls, in seconds, is displayed on the vertical axis.

Screenshot: The top ten users based on call duration

In order for the statistics to be generated, at least one Phone terminal extension user needs to be available.

TUUT table

The table displays the following information about the top 10 users:

  • Rank: The position of the user in the top.
  • User: The user's name.
  • Calls: Total number of calls made and received by the user.
  • Duration: Total duration of all the calls made and received by the user. Time format: hh:mm:ss.

Screenshot: The top 10 users table

Search for statistics

If you want to view the Top Users Using Telephony statistics for a certain period of time, you can use the available search controls to define your preferences.

Show top 10 telephony users between <start_date_time> and <end_date_time>


  • <start_date_time>: Specify when the time interval for the current statistics starts. Mandatory format: yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm. Default value: the first day of the current month.
  • <end_date_time>: Specify when the time interval for the current statistics ends. Mandatory format: yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm. Default value: the current date and time.

After deciding on these filters, click the Search link. The graphic and table will be updated.

If no calls were made during the specified time interval, the graphic and table will not be generated.

Export statistics

You can export the Top Users Using Telephony data to a .csv or a Microsoft Excel file.

  1. Click the Export icon in the upper right side of the screen.
  2. Choose the columns to be exported and the output file format. If you choose to export the data to a Microsoft Excel file, the output will be a table with all selected columns. On the other hand, if you choose to export the data to a .csv file, the output will be a list with the entire selected information in the following format:

    <rank> <user_name> <calls> <duration>
  3. After defining all preferences, click the Save icon. You will be asked to confirm if you want to save the file to your computer or just open it.

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