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This page contains instructions on how to manage all templates associated with a user account.


Each of the templates below comes in handy when you need to add to the system accounts that use similar settings. Instead of configuring the extension roles or the email templates each and every time, you can choose one of the templates available in the system.

Extension templates

The Extension Templates management page allows you to:

  • view the organization's extension templates
  • create a new template
  • search for certain templates
  • edit any of the extension templates available in the system
  • remove unused templates

To add a new template, click the Add Template icon available in the Tools section. The Add New Template allows you to fill in the information required to define the template.

The limitations imposed on the extensions are given by the settings set up in the organization's Permissions and phone numbers page.

For more detailed information, read the Extension Templates section.

Email templates

VoipNow can send email notifications to its accounts when standard events occur. The text of the notifications can be customized. The system can be set up to send only certain notifications and only to predefined accounts.

Based on such requirements, you can set the notification preferences for the events listed in the Email Templates page. Check this area to find out what email template can be customized for an organization account.

For a detailed overview, read the User Email Templates section. Some of the functions described there may not be available or may be modified, according to the level of access.

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