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This method allows hanging up PhoneCalls in particular contexts such as User, Organization or global

Request/Response model


Use this request to hang up an existing phone call.

The Service identifies the phone call using the User Id, Extension number, PhoneCall Id and the phone number the Extension is connected to.

If successful, the Service returns the PhoneCall Id of the call that has just been hung up.

The request is made by an App that is registered to a User account.

To delete a phone call in a desired context, issue a HTTP DELETE request:

HTTP-Method       = "DELETE"
URI-Fragment      = "/uapi/phoneCalls/" User-Id "/" Extension-Number [ "/" PhoneCall-Id ]
Query-Parameters  = multiple
Request-Payload   = null

Return-Object     = Array<PhoneCall>
DELETE /uapi/phoneCalls/@me/0003*210/7d280cc4feae3255a497?phoneNumber=8887777
Content Type: application/json
Authorization: Bearer token


This section describes how to format the request to the service.

URI fragment

The following parameters must be sent in the URI fragment:





Id of the User that owns the an Extension involved in the call. It can take one of the following values:
@me - refers to the authenticated User .
@viewer - also refers to the authenticated User .
@owner - refers to the User that owns the Extension used to make the phone call.
User-Id - refers to the unique identifier of the User.
Default: @me




Number of the Extension involved in the call.
Use @self to match all the extensions under the User.




Id of a PhoneCall resource that must be updated.
If not provided, all phone calls owned by Extension are deleted.
If the Extension is unknown, you can use @self and phoneCallId to identify the phone call.
The PhoneCallId can be retrieved using the List PhoneCalls request.

Query parameters

All requests to hang up phone calls support the Standard-Request-Parameters and the custom fields parameter. All parameters are optional.




Phone number of one of the parties involved in the phone call.
When given, the number involved in the phone call and the Extension are closed.

When phoneCallId and phoneNumber are supplied and the phoneNumber is not in the PhoneCall resource described by phoneCallId, no PhoneCall is deleted.



HTTP CodeDescription
200The phone calls are hung up.
204There are no phone calls to be hung up.


If failed, the request returns the following error codes:

HTTP CodeCodeDescription
400pc_phonecall_invalidValue supplied in phoneCallId from the URI-Fragment is invalid. The parameter must be set to an alpha-numeric value and reference an existing phone call.
400pc_phonenumber_invalidValue supplied in phoneNumber parameter is missing or invalid. The parameter must be set to a value consisting of digits and optional a + character.

Response body

If any 4xx or 5xx status codes is returned, the body contains the error response. When the request is successful and 200 OK is returned, the body contains a JSON representation.


Below you can find an example to help you understand the request.

In this example, a phone call for the Extension 0003*210 is hung up. The return of the request contains the Object-Id of the PhoneCall that has just been deleted. The request is made by an App on behalf of a User.

HTTP Request
DELETE /uapi/phoneCalls/@me/0003*210/7d280cc4feae3255a497?phoneNumber=8887777
Content Type: application/json
Authorization: Bearer token

Assuming that the request has been successful, the Service sends the following answer:

HTTP Response
HTTP 1.1 200 OK

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