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Through UnifiedAPI, developers can manage phone calls and get related statistics, send faxes as well as administer extensions.

About UnifiedAPI

The UnifiedAPI allows you to query data about existing phone calls, call detail records, information about extensions. It also allows you to accomplish complicated stuff like initiating, parking or transferring calls or even managing agents of a queue.

Because it is REST based, it enables you to develop applications fast and easily test basic features like initiating calls.

Base URL

All REST URIs are relative to the following BASE URLs:

https://<hostname>/uapi/ or https://<hostname>/uapi/

UnifiedAPI services

CDR service

This service lists all the phone calls that previously occurred in the system.

List call history

Extension services

This service manages the extension-related operations.

Create, list or update call events

List presence

List or update queue agents

Fax service

This service manages fax related operations.

Send faxes

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