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This document describes how to work with Command Line Interface.


The Command Line Interface (CLI) is a collection of scripts and binaries that have two main usage scenarios:

  • Experienced administrators can use the CLI to perform daily management tasks.
    The CLI can be used as an alternative to the web-based interface because it offers quicker access to objects within the VoipNow system. Utilities that can be accessed through the CLI are using the VoipNow core functionality to create, manage, and delete objects such as service providers, organizations, users, and extensions.
  • Developers of third-party applications can use the CLI to integrate their software with VoipNow.
    Command Line Interface
    utilities can be used from the console, but also in shell scripts. Third-party software can use these shell scripts in order to interact with the VoipNow system.
The CLI utilities require root privileges to operate. You can use the CLI utilities even if the web management interface has been stopped.

Using Command Line Utilities

In order to access the CLI scripts, you should first log in using a ssh client (PuTTY) as root on your VoipNow system. Command line utilities scripts are located at the following path:

The list of scripts is:

Script namePurpose
account.shManage accounts (service providers, organizations, and users) and their data.
accountprefs.shManage account preferences.
extension.shManage extensions.
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