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VoipNow sets you free from your desk phone, enabling you to take calls at any time and anywhere. With customizable incoming call rules, you decide where and when to be reached.

Be mobile, stay secure

With VoipNow Mobile's full encryption feature, you can make secure calls even with a BYOD policy in place.

Better sales and customer service


Security and privacy should be a priority for every company. VoipNow uses a simplified encryption setup and supports a wide range of media encryption standards such as SDES and DTLS-SRTP. VoipNow Mobile provides full encryption and uses signaling of encrypted and secure connection. 

Call forwarding

When you’re not at your desk be sure not to miss important calls. With VoipNow, you can forward a call to another extension, to a landline, and even to your mobile phone.


Take full advantage of Unified Communications using VoipNow. When voice is simply not enough, you can make video calls using VoipNow Mobile or a softphone on your PC/laptop.

Instant messaging 

The Instant Messaging function in VoipNow supports presence, virtual cards, file transfers, collaboration, and more. A wide range of Open Source and free Jabber/XMPP clients are available.

Incoming call rules 

Take control of your call flows. Filter incoming calls based on CallerID and time of call, using rules that can perform a set of predefined actions, such as transfer to certain destinations. The ICRs improve privacy protection, automate tasks and increase user productivity. 


Since VoipNow also supports remote agents, your agents do not need to be in the office to assist your customers. All they need is access to a desk phone , softphone or mobile client such as VoipNow Mobileor softphone. Once authenticated, they will start receiving calls from the queue.