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4PSA brings companies in-line with modern communication techniques not only by focusing on integration with existing software, but also by creating new business opportunities.


Integration between all communication channels

Unified Communications seamlessly integrates multiple communication channels such as voice, video, presence, faxing, instant messaging, email groupware, and collaboration.

Ultimate tools at affordable price

Small and medium-size enterprises can now take advantage of modern Internet-based communication systems that were traditionally reserved for large corporations.

On-premise and cloud options

One of the most important decisions your business has to make is whether to invest in an on-premises deployment or to subscribe to a hosted PBX. We can help you choose the better solution.



In order to conduct business in the tough globalization era where social networks are gaining momentum, a new set of communication tools is required.

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Highlights of 4PSA's solution

  • No important investments to replace legacy telephone systems are necessary
  • No administration overhead - all employees are able to manage their own account from the browser
  • Easy to hold conferences with colleagues and customers
  • Interactive Voice Response (digital receptionist) for people calling the company
  • Improve customer satisfaction with calling queues for sales and customer support
  • Integration with desktop business software and with any web-based application
  • Receive faxes in your email and send faxes as easy as sending emails
  • Receive voicemails in your email
  • Lawful call recording (on demand and enforced)
  • Use your mobile phone to receive calls as if you were in your office
  • Video calls are available even when using free soft phones