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VoipNow is a comprehensive cloud communications platform that can do it all: quick and efficient delivery of enterprise PBX, Unified Communications (voice, video, presence, instant messaging, faxing), contact center, conferencing and business mobility services. It has the ability to transform any contact center for the better.

If you’re a contact center provider thinking about how you can reinforce your portfolio of offerings, keep on reading to learn about VoipNow's contact center features and benefits.


  • Distribute calls to agents based on their availability and improve customer experience with inbound call routing and IVR
  • Improve agent training and performance through advanced reports, monitoring and whisper
  • Increase flexibility and mobility with features such as FindMe/ FollowMe, extension virtualization, call routing customization
  • Keep calling costs as low as possible with VoIP technology and smart call routing

Contact Center features

Smart call queues

VoipNow's call queues ensure that when all your agents are busy, calls will be kept on hold. Multiple options for call distribution are available so that you can choose what best fits your business. This includes ring all, least recently called, fewest calls, round robin with memory, ring members in the adding order, random, random with member penalty.

You can also provide an improved customer experience with history-based queue routing. When this feature is enabled, queues will first attempt to connect your callers to the agent they last talked to. This way, customers spend less time on the phone and agents are more efficient.

Other smart queue features:

  • Announce how long the customer has been waiting in the queue
  • Announce the customer's position in the queue
  • Exit to operator on key press
  • Transfer a call to a manager if the customer has been waiting in the queue for an extended period of time  


Always ensure that the call is directed to the right department. The easy to use and configure IVR system directs callers to the appropriate department and simplifies call management, saving your company time and money.

With the advanced Call Interactive web service, you can even interact with the system every time the IVR places, receives or terminates a call. Integrate your IVR with customer support and payment applications or apps that make transfers to a specific resource based on customer behavior.

Monitor, whisper and barge in

Gain better control of how your call center works by enabling your supervisors to listen to active conversations with call monitor. Queue supervisors can also whisper to agents or barge in the call when needed. This feature proves particularly useful when training new agents or assisting them.

Call recording

You can record phone calls automatically or on-demand, just by dialing a code during the phone conversation. Store agent calls to help with their training or review them at a later time.

Call control

Your agents have all the tools they need to provide great customer service, including hold, mute, park, call transfer (blind or attended transfer) and call forwarding.

Call screening

Calls can be easily filtered by destination, while complying with local regulations and increasing customer satisfaction.

Dial by extension

When calling through the IVR, inbound callers can reach specific agents directly by entering the agent’s extension number

Local agents 

Your local agents can log into one or several queues at the same time and start helping your customers right away. You can also turn your best agents into supervisors, so they can help train other agents.

International numbers

Use local and toll-free phone numbers from multiple countries. Expand your business globally, have agents on each location or even enable calls to be received on international phone numbers routed to your local agents.

Custom sounds

Use your own music on hold and sounds, manage sound folders and sound languages.

Mobility features

Remote agents

Your agents do not need to be in the office to assist your customers. All they need is access to a desk phone or softphone. Once authenticated, they will start receiving calls from the queue. The call confirmation feature prevents automatic call answering mechanisms to get queue calls, which can be an issue when the agent is using a mobile phone.

FollowMe (Cascade) function

Thanks to this smart incoming call rule, every time a call comes in, your phone in the office, your home line and mobile phone will ring at the same time. Empower your mobile workforce and ensure that calls reach your agents, no matter where they are.

Extension virtualization

Hot-desking is easily achieved with extension virtualization. Any phone line in the system can be virtualized, enabling your teams to work in shifts and share the same desk and physical phone, while using their individual extension.

Reduce costs without compromising your level of control!

Reporting and integration

Advanced reporting

The Call Queue Reports and Statistics function can help you optimize human resources and business processes, quantify performance indicators, including call reports, answered/unanswered calls, call distribution, agent reports, status reports, and much more. Additionally, you can extend monitoring and reporting based on your needs, through UnifiedAPI .

Autodialer integration

VoipNow's APIs facilitates integration with an autodialer solution of your choice.

CRM integration

Through the powerful APIs, you can integrate VoipNow with any CRM you like. Integrate phone, fax, and instant messaging with CRM business applications to simplify management processes, increase agent productivity, and customer satisfaction. To learn how to integrate VoipNow calls with a CRM, please take a look here.

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