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Applies to VoipNow 4.0.0 and higher!

VoipNow admins and Organization account owners can better manage permissions on User account level with the help of User roles. This article explains the permissions of the User roles available in VoipNow. 


When creating a new User account, VoipNow admins and Organization owners need to assign it with one of the following roles: Owner, Administrator and Member. 

These roles are not permanent as they can be changed from the Edit User Account page at any time later on.

It is mandatory for the Organization to have at least one user with Owner role!

User role permissions 


Users with Member role are the basic user accounts found in previous VoipNow versions. They have administrative access strictly over their own account (under the limits of their parent account, i.e. their Organization).


Users with Administrator role have the permissions of an Organization account owner. This means that, once they log in,  they have control over the Organization level settings. Their permissions allow them to: 

  • assign other users with Member and Administrator roles 
  • change control panel access for users with Member and Administrator roles (except themselves) 
  • enable or disable users with Member and Administrator roles (except themselves)
  • delete users with Member role 


Users with Owner role have the permissions of an Organization account owner. They have higher permissions than Users with Administrator roles. More specifically, they are allowed to: 

  • assign users with Member and Administrator roles
  • change control panel access for any user (except themselves)
  • enable or disable users regardless of their role (except themselves)
  • delete users regardless of their role (except themselves) 

Please note that VoipNow users who have activated Hubgets cannot be deleted, regardless of their role. They can only be disabled.

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