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This page contains instructions on how to add a Free Minutes package.


The Charging Plans feature is only available if charging is enabled on the VoipNow system.

You can provide users with a predefined number of free minutes for calls to the previously set destination (area codes). These minutes are allocated every month and can be canceled at any time by modifying the corresponding cost exception.

Add package

To add a new free minutes package, navigate to the Charging Plans table. Under the D (Destinations) column of the Charging Plans table, click the icon.

In the Charging Destination Exceptions page, click the Manage Packages icon.

  1. Define the two required parameters in the Add Package section.
    • Package name: Fill in a descriptive name to identify the package.
    • Included minutes: Specify the number of free minutes you want to include in the package.
  2. Click OK to apply changes.

VoipNow displays the following information about the existing Free Minutes Packages:

  • Package Name: The identification name given to the package.
  • Free Minutes: The number of free minutes included in the package.
  • Created: The date the package was set up.

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