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This page contains instructions on how you can customize charging-related settings and the currency used in the charging plans.

Overview of charging preferences

To set and customize charging-related preferences, go to Unified Communications in the side menu and click on the Zero Priority icon, under the Settings area.

Open the Charging tab on the left and fill in the fieldsets according to the descriptions below. Once you're done, click OK to save preferences. To return to the previous page without committing the changes, click Cancel.


Call charging enabled

Globally enables/disables the charging options in all the application and for all account types.

Number portability engine

Enables the Portability check routing rule. Please visit the Add Routing Group section for further information.

Currency name

Refers to the currency used in charging plans (e.g. USD).

Currency sound file

Refers to the sound file played each time the user interrogates their credit. Use the icon to view the available sound files or manually fill in the file location. A pop-up window listing all the sounds matching the name specified in the text box will be displayed.

Currency subdivision

Refers to the subunit of the currency used in charging plans (e.g. cents).

Show numeric values with <x> decimals

Refers to the number of decimals used by the numeric values in VoipNow (e.g. Calling card credit, charging plan fees, etc.). To get the changes reflected in Asterisk, it is mandatory to restart the corresponding server! Otherwise, the modifications will be visible in the VoipNow interface, but Asterisk will continue to use the former number of decimals. To restart the server, navigate to the Unified CommunicationsServer Services page and click the icon corresponding to the Asterisk server.

Local call cost <x> <currency>/second

The cost of local calls.

Extended local call cost <x> <currency>/second

The cost of extended local calls.

Average call duration <x> seconds

Define the average length of the calls initiated from this server. This value influences the best cost routing algorithm, described in the Manually Add Costs section. Default value: 600 seconds. Accepted value: 10 to 9,999,999 seconds.

System currency and charging settings

To set up the system currency:

  1. Navigate to the Unified CommunicationsSettingsZero PriorityCharging tab.
  2. Fill in the Currency name field.
  3. Customize the Currency sound file and enter the Currency subdivision.
  4. Click OK to save settings.

To enable charging:

  1. Navigate to the Unified Communications → Settings → Zero PriorityCharging tab.
  2. Select the Call charging enabled checkbox.
  3. Define the required parameters to personalize the charging preferences.
  4. Click OK to save settings.

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