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This page contains instructions on how to upload charging exceptions for specific area codes.


The Charging Plans feature is only available if charging is enabled on the VoipNow system.

The charging exceptions are added for certain area codes and override the general cost rules set up in the charging plan.

To navigate to the Charging Destination Exceptions page, go to the Charging Plans table and click the icon, under the D (Destinations) column.


To upload the desired cost file:

  1. Confirm costs overwriting. Select the Agree to replace ALL destination costs checkbox. The costs from the uploaded file will replace all the exception costs currently associated with the charging plan.
  2. Click Browse, then locate and upload your .csv file.
  3. Set the Field separator. This is the character used to separate the values from the .csv file.
  4. Confirm upload.
  5. Click OK to upload the file and replace the current exception costs.

The field separator is not required. If you leave the text box empty, VoipNow assumes that the field separator is ',' (comma).

Cost file format

The file format changes according to the charging method used by the charging plan.

<Area code>,<Indivisible cost>,<Indivisible interval>,<Cost>,<Charging interval> or
<Area code>,<Indivisible cost>,<Indivisible interval>,<Cost>,<Charging interval>,<Description>

Example of a valid entry: 021,1,60,0.20,10,Metropolitan

<Area code>,<n>,<adjustment>,<Charging interval> or
<Area code>,<n>,<adjustment>,<Charging interval>,<Description>

of a valid entry: 021,1,0.20,60,Metropolitan

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