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This page contains instructions on how to export and remove call exceptions.


The Charging Plans feature is only available if charging is enabled on the VoipNow system.

The charging exceptions are added for certain area codes and override the general cost rules set up in the charging plan.

To navigate to the Charging Destination Exceptions page, go to the Charging Plans table and click the icon, under the D (Destinations) column.

Export charging exceptions

You can export call cost exceptions to a .csv file that can be shared among the VoipNow servers or for backup purposes.

  1. Click the Export all exceptions link located above the table.
  2. Save the .csv file to the desired location.

Remove charging exceptions

A charging exception can be removed at any time and it does not matter if the charging plan is in use or not. To remove call cost exceptions, follow the steps below:

  1. Select their corresponding checkbox from the table.
  2. Click the Remove Selected link right above the table.
  3. Click OK to confirm removal or Cancel to return to the previous page.

The removal operation is permanent and a deleted charging exception cannot be used once this process is completed.

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