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This page describes how to set up the Diagnostic Extension feature so that it work from your phone keypad.


The Diagnostic Extension is a special extension that allows the system administrator to find out details about several server parameters.

Set up the extension

Screenshot: The Diagnostic Extension Password (*011) section from the Zero Priority page.

The Diagnostic Extension Password (*011) can be enabled server-wide from the Unified Communications → Zero Priority → Monitoring tab. Fill in the Password control field, confirm it, then press OK.

How to use the diagnostic extension

To access this extension, dial *011. You will be asked for the password that you have set earlier.

VoipNow will announce the values of the following parameters:

  • The server load within the last 5 minutes
  • The existence of binary registered channels and binary calls in progress
  • The Asterisk uptime
  • The system uptime
  • The used memory and the free memory

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