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This page contains instructions on how to manage outgoing routing groups from the interface.

Enable or disable routing group

All outgoing routing groups are listed in the Outgoing Routing Groups table. You can enable or disable a specific routing group with a click on the S (Status) icon: for enabled for disabled. If a group is used by a charging plan, its status cannot be modified.

Search for an outgoing routing group

The table allows you to filter outgoing routing groups by name.

  1. Enter the name of the routing group in the text box located at the top of the table.
  2. Click the  Search button. The system will remember the criteria when a new search is performed and even after the user logs out.

Save routing group rules

To save all the defined groups with all their rules as an XML file on your computer, simply click the Save rules link above the table.

Remove routing group

You cannot remove routing rule groups that are currently used in charging plans.

To remove a routing rule group:

  1. Select the routing rule group's corresponding checkbox.
  2. Click the Remove selected link.
  3. Select the Confirm removal checkbox and click OK. To return to the previous page without deleting these records, click Cancel.

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