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This page contains instructions on how to manage outgoing routing rules.


To be able to edit an outgoing routing group, click its name in the Outgoing Routing Group table. The Edit Outgoing Routing Group <group_name> page allows you to:

  • enable/disable outgoing call rule
  • manually add outgoing call rules
  • import outgoing call rules
  • back-up outgoing call rules
  • remove unused outgoing call rules

Enable or disable rule

All existing outgoing call rules are listed in a table. You can enable/disable a rule with a click on the S (Status) icon: for enabled for disabled

Disabling the rule means its defined action does not apply to the call.

Upload rules

VoipNow allows you to upload an outgoing routing rules group in the form of an XML file that was previously saved using the Save rules option. Please follow these steps:

  1. In the Outgoing Routing Groups table, click the name of the group you want to modify (the options that allow uploading are available only on for an already set up group).
  2. You may select Set as default routing group checkbox if that is the case.
  3. Select the Agree to replace existing call rules checkbox.
  4. In the Upload rules field, use the Browse button to locate the file containing the routing rules group you want to upload.
  5. Click OK to confirm your settings.
  6. VoipNow deletes the selected rules group from the database and replaces it with the uploaded rules.

The rules group in the XML file must have the same name as the group in the interface. Otherwise, VoipNow does not delete the current rules and ignores the uploaded file.

Change execution order

To change the position of a certain rule inside the group, use the buttons in the P column of the routing rules list.

When you change the order of the call rules in the list, VoipNow displays the number of changes you have performed in the top left corner of the call rules list reminding you to save them before navigating away from the page. Click the Apply changes link to save the changes you have performed in the call routing list.

Screenshot: A group's call rules

The order of the rules pictured above should be put into practice. It is advisable to place the Route through action on the last position inside the outgoing rules group. The logical sequence is to first Block calls to certain destinations, next to Process target number or to perform the Portability check and, as soon as all these actions are triggered, to allow certain calls matching the Route through rule to reach their destination.

Export routing rules

To save a group with all its rules as a XML file on your computer, simply click the Save rules link above the table.

Remove rules

To remove a certain routing group, please follow the next steps:

  1. Select the routing group in the Existing Outgoing Call Rules table and click the Remove selected link.
  2. Click OK to confirm the removal pop-up window. If you do not want to delete these records, click Cancel.

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