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This page contains instructions on how to manage a service provider's collection of phone numbers and corresponding categories.


The database contains the categories and the corresponding phone numbers used for screening the outgoing calls of the service provider's organizations.

In the Call Screening Database for <service provider_name> management page, you will be able to:

  • view the phone numbers assigned to categories
  • define new numbers by clicking the Add Phone Number icon available in the Tools section
  • manage the database categories
  • search for specific numbers used for call screening
  • remove extensions that no longer need to be screened on outgoing calls

For more information, check the Call Screening section.

Add phone numbers

In order to add numbers, at least one database category must be defined for the service provider. However, note that you cannot add a new number to a category defined for other accounts.

The Add Phone Numbers page allows you to import numbers from a file or to manually add them from the web interface using the controls available in the following sections:

  • Import Database Numbers
  • Add Database Numbers

For more information, read the Manage Restricted Phone Numbers page.

Database categories

Database categories are phone number collections used for screening purposes, as detailed in the Call Screening section.

The difference between the administrator's database categories and the service provider's is the inheritance level. Only three levels are available:

  • Service Provider Level: The database category is visible to the service provider account only.
  • Organization Level: The database category is visible to the service provider and the organization accounts.
  • User Level: The database category is visible to the service provider, the organization and the user accounts.

For more info on what you need to do to add a new database category, check the Manage Database Categories section.

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