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This page contains instructions on how to set up a user's voice mailbox.


This feature enables the user to leave a voicemail message if the called extension is unavailable and if it has the Voicemail option enabled. The Voicemail Messages management page allows you to:

  • view the extension's recorded voicemail messages

  • search for specific messages

  • listen and download message files on your computer

  • remove voicemail messages

Manage voicemail messages

Check voicemail messages

VoipNow displays a list with all the voicemail messages recorded for the selected extension and, if the user is part of a group, for all the other users that chose to share their resources either with Everyone or only with the group(s) the current user is member of.

If you want to listen to your voicemail messages, you can use:

  • Your phone: From your local phone, call *95 . If you want to listen to your messages from a remote location, call your extension's public phone number and then dial * during the voicemail invitation message.
  • Your computer: In the Message List, you can press the icon under the Listen column. Or you can press the  icon, download the message to your computer, and use your favorite player to listen to it. The downloaded file name has the following format: <resource_type>_<extension-number>_<id>_<download_day_month_year>_<download_hour-minute>.<file type>. For example, "voicemail_0101-003_2_10Jul2017_12-28.mp3".

For each voicemail message in the List, VoipNow displays the following details:

  • From: The number of the extension leaving the voicemail message.
  • Mailbox: This is the short number of the extension receiving the message.
  • Folder: The folder where the messages are stored. Once you have downloaded or listened to a voicemail message, the message is marked as read and automatically moved from the INBOX folder to the OLD folder
  • Size: The voicemail message file size, in KB.
  • Created: The date and time of the voicemail message.

Search for voicemail messages

When you are searching for specific voicemail messages, you can use one or more of the filters available:

Show mailbox <for extension> Search <CallerID>


<for extension>: Select the extension whose voicemail messages you want to listen to:

  • Personal - By default, only the voicemail messages received by the current extension are displayed.
  • <extension_number> - Depending on how many extensions in the group(s) have enabled the voicemail Sharing Policy, you can choose from the list the <extension_number> whose messages you want to listen to. This option is available if the extension is part of a group where at least one extension has enabled the voicemail Sharing Policy. Example: Extension 1 is part of the Phone Terminals group. Extension 2 and Extension 3 are also members of this group. The two extensions have the appropriate policy enabled and they are sharing their voicemails with the Phone Terminals group. Therefore, Extension 1 is able to see the voicemails of Extension 2 and Extension 3.
  • All - Displays personal messages as well as those of all the extensions in the group(s) that have enabled the voicemail Sharing Policy.

<CallerID>: Specify the CallerID of the user that left the voicemail message you are looking for.

Remove voicemail messages

To remove a message:

Select the message from the table and click the Remove selected link on top of the table.

To finalize it, select the Confirm removal checkbox and click OK. To return to the previous page without removing the fax message, click Cancel

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