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This page contains instructions on how a user can share some or all of their resources with others.


VoipNow enables users to share resources such as call history, voicemails or call recordings with a group or with every person in their organization. The Resource Sharing management page allows you to:

  • define a new share
  • view the user's shares
  • remove shares

Add share

You can add a share from the Manage Shares section by setting up these options:

  • Resource: Select the resource you want to share, i.e. call history, faxes, recorded calls or voicemail messages.
  • Share with: Select if you want to share resources with Some users only or with Everyone.
  • Share with Groups: Choose the user groups you want to share the resource with. This field is displayed only if you have selected a resource to share and the option to Share with some users only. If you click the Change link, the Choose Groups to Share Your Resources with pop-up will be displayed. To add a group to your list of shares, select its corresponding checkbox and click the Add Selected Group(s) link.

After you have set up your share, just click the Update button. Your newly configured share will be displayed in the Current Shares table.

Current shares table

VoipNow displays the following information about each user group:

  • Resource: The resource shared by the user.
  • Shared with Groups/Everyone: The users group(s) that the resource is shared with. You can click the group's name and a pop-up listing all the group's users and their extensions is displayed. If the resource is shared with everyone, this is specified.

Remove share

To remove a share:

  1. Select its corresponding checkbox in the table and click the Remove Selected link on top of the table.
  2. Click OK to confirm removal. To return to the previous page without removing the share, click Cancel.

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