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This page contains instructions on how to use OpenID Identities on a user account.


The OpenID Identities page allows you to define new OpenID identities that your service provider can use to log in to its VoipNow account. You can link its account to one of the existing OpenID providers only.

The OpenID identities icon is not available unless the OpenID is enabled infrastructure wide from the Unified CommunicationsIntegrationsOpenID Settings page.

How to use OpenID identities

As system administrator(s), you may use these OpenIDs to connect to the user's account as well.

If you want to use the same OpenID identity that is linked to your account to log in to the user's VoipNow account, you must define that identity here as well.


In case you want to log in to the user's account using your openidexample OpenID, you must link it to the user account as well. To do so, simply add openidexample as a new OpenID identity.

To read more on how you can configure a new OpenID identity, read this section.

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