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Applies to VoipNow 4.0.0 and higher!

User roles were introduced to allow organization owners and VoipNow admins to provide users with different control levels over the organization settings. Two of these roles allow specific users to easily manage their entire Organization, whenever necessary. This article explains how this happens.

How this works

Only Users with Administrators and Owner roles can manage the entire organization. These two categories of users have access to Organization level settings. Users with Owner roles also have permission to manage users with Administrator roles. For more information on user roles, please read this page.

These roles are assigned when the users are added to the Organization and can be changed at any time later on from the Edit User page. 

When logging in, users with Administrator and Owner roles are directed to the Organization Management page. They have the same level of visibility and can access the same settings as the Organization account owner. 

The only setting that users with Administrator and Owner roles cannot change is the login credentials of the Organization account. 

While users with Owner roles can assign other users with Administrator roles, the Owner role can only be assigned by higher account levels, i.e. Organization, Service Provider and Administrator account owners.

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